This morning I was given my third path in the Nine Paths, a game leading up to the June 14 premiere of ABC Family’s new show The Nine Lives of Chloe King

On the first path I located Smila, Ukraine on a map and discovered the city’s name actually means “brave girl.” Upon completing this task I successfully joined the game and unlocked a code for our readers to claim a FREE circle charm.

Learn all about it here >>

On the second path I had to be a bit more tech savvy by using Google Goggles to learn about the photo of a cat statue. All the details of that mission, and the mysterious video it lead to can be seen here.

Which brings me to today’s third path:  A cat charm and an Egyptian message to decode. 

cat and code.JPG

As the directions say (pictured above): To unmask the ancient Mai script, seek the Bastet in your Book of Mai. A secret waits beneath. Tweet the decoded message using #TheUniter

At first, I was struggling to find the answers I needed and was losing my mind. None of the symbols matched up with the Book of Mai that was on my MaiPad. Thankfully I received a follow up email saying some “nefarious forces” got in the way and there was a new book to use. 

So I was able to decode the message and I sent the tweet: The Uniter is Chloe King. 

A Tweet back sent me more details on The Order of Man, a secret and well funded group that took place in persecuting the Mai (and friends of the Mai). Even though The Uniter is seen as good, someone who will bring Humans and Mai together again, not everyone agrees. These people are known as Bad Mai. Below is the full text. 

Path 3 of The Uniter.JPG

So far, we’ve learned a lot about the Mai and it’s seems very clear that Chloe King will be a very important teenager. Don’t forget to join the Circle of Strangers at ABC Family and get your free charm while supplies last. Your code is: Circle

The Nine Lives of Chloe King premieres June 14 at 9 after the season 2 premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Stay tuned for details on Path four, I may need your help!

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(Image and courtesy of ABC Family)

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