After two weeks of processing the final scene of season 6 (OMGWTFBBQ!), I’m finally ready to chart Brennan and Booth’s season of relationship highs and lows. As it turns out, there have been a lot of them. This slideshow takes a trip through season 6’s biggest relationship moments.

#20 HIGH: After months apart, Brennan and Booth reunite.

Who needs Afghanistan or Indonesia? The gang got back together in “The Mastodon in the Room,” which of course meant that Brennan and Booth were reunited. Maybe it wasn’t the passionate profession of love we’d been dreaming of, but at least they were together again.

#19 LOW: Booth has a girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Booth brought back baggage from Afghanistan: a girlfriend by the name of Hannah. And he loved her? Not OK, Bones. Not OK.

#18 LOW: Hannah unexpectedly shows up.

And she was perky. Yuck. Granted, she made Booth happy, but it was a fleeting happiness not shared with the viewers.

#17 LOW: Hannah moves in with Booth.

It only took one episode… By “The Maggots in the Meathead,” Hannah was cohabitating with Booth. Not that she deserved it, since it took advice from Brennan for Hannah to realize that Booth wanted a rotary phone (all the better for bashing in skulls) as a present.

#16 HIGH: Hannah gets shot.

Yes, I’m a bad person. But it’s Hannah, so that’s OK. In “The Bones That Weren’t,” Hannah got herself shot. And she would have died if Brennan hadn’t noticed a problem on Hannah’s X-ray! Even if it did save Hannah, Booth at least had more reason to adore his partner.

#15 LOW: Sunglasses…

What’s the best way to say “Thank you for saving my life?” In Hannah’s world, it’s to demand Brennan’s sunglasses. So sad that this was the person who had stolen Booth’s heart.

#14 HIGH: Parker displays good taste.

Children always bring up the truth, right? While that was hard to believe in the brief moments when Parker displayed affection for Hannah, faith was soon restored. Upon Brennan scientifically analyzing the digestive systems of zoo animals, Parker declared Brennan to be the coolest.

#13 HIGH: Brennan confronts her feelings and confesses them to Booth.

As we’ve all known for years, Brennan is great at not dealing with emotions. Then, in “The Doctor in the Photo,” she suddenly had to. It was tragic. It was beautiful. And we finally knew for sure that Brennan loved Booth.

#12 LOW: Booth says no.

Unfortunately for Brennan, Booth had convinced himself that he’d moved on and was in love with Hannah. Sigh.

#11 HIGH: Polygamy leads to an awesome statement.

While investigating a polygamist’s murder in “The Sin in the Sisterhood,” Booth’s solution to the case rested on a single statement: “There’s only one person you love the most.” Like we don’t all know what that means.

#10 HIGH: Booth proposes to Hannah.

First we cheered when Booth’s proposal of marriage to Hannah ended in total failure. Then we felt kind of bad, because Booth was sad and all.

#9 LOW: Brennan gets the proposal fallout.

All joy at Hannah’s departure came at a heavy price. Booth’s sadness led to a be-just-my-partner-or-never-see-me-again ultimatum for Brennan. At least she wasn’t stupid enough to leave.

#8 HIGH: Brennan and Booth celebrate the Valentine’s Day massacre.

Nothing says “screw love” like firing tommy guns instead of dating. At least they screwed love together.

#7 HIGH: Love has a date.

It required a broken elevator to get them talking, but Brennan and Booth finally brought up the fact that, sooner or later, they pretty much had to get together. Burning dates on pieces of paper may have been cheesy, but it was also sweet.

#6 HIGH: The inexplicable is still possible.

No, there was no chupacabra in “The Truth in the Myth,” but that doesn’t mean a lack of hope for other supposedly unlikely scenarios. Booth and Brennan continued their slow-but-steady inching toward each other with the recognition that their relationship, while often inexplicable, still made sense.

#5 HIGH: Brennan and Booth decide to get a bunny.

Maybe it’s just because of the foreshadowing, but the opening scene of “The Signs in the Silence,” in which Brennan and Booth discuss motherhood and stuffed animals, felt like a huge step forward. If nothing else, the end result was the pair buying a stuffed rabbit for Angela and Hodgins’ baby — together.

#4 HIGH: Brennan gets into bed with Booth.

Sure it was mainly for solace after the death of Vincent Nigel-Murray. That’s OK. Because finally, after six years of significant glances, flirting, diversions, fake relationships and coma dreams, Brennan was in bed with Booth!

#3 HIGH: Brennan spills the beans to Angela.

Not that we got to see/hear the whole story about what happened right after Brennan’s 4:47 AM journey into Booth’s bed, but Angela’s reaction was pretty entertaining. Angela had been rooting for the relationship right alongside the fans, so her joy just kind of worked. At least someone got the story.

#2 HIGH: Booth and Brennan walk away looking like a couple.

After the gang sang off Mr. Nigel-Murray, Brennan took Booth’s arm and the pair walked away. It wasn’t much, but there was a new intimacy. Or maybe just wishful thinking?

#1 HIGH: Brennan has news for Booth.

The season finale left no question about what happened in that bed: they had sex. At least the one time. Because a few weeks later Brennan was pregnant with Booth’s baby. Whatever this will do to or for the show, Booth’s ridiculous smile upon hearing the news kind of confirms that, wherever the relationship is going, they’ll be together.

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