For the first time since the ill-fated ninth season, Big Brother will be airing in February with its upcoming celebrity edition. And the house will include at least one major change: a roof for the backyard.

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A short Snapchat video sows a roof being constructed over the backyard set of the Celebrity Big Brother house, which will still be the same set on a studio lot that is used for the regular seasons of the show.

A roof may be a smart idea as it could be a rainy February for the three weeks that the celebrities are in the house and competing on the show. Over the summer fans saw the need for a roof when an HoH competition was delayed from starting on a live show due to rain, so th HGs just had to stay indoors and wait it out while the production team quickly tossed a tarp onto the competition set-up in the backyard.

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It could also be interesting to see how the celebrities respond to being completely cut off from the outside world. Big Brother usually has an open-air backyard, so the HGs can look up at the sky and enjoy some fresh air. But the Celebrity Big Brother house will be completely enclosed, offering the potential for even more stir crazy behavior.

Do you like the addition of a roof to the backyard? Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7 at 8/7c on CBS. For more CBB updates, like BuddyTV’s Big Brother Facebook page.

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