The time has arrived on The Voice — not to crown a winner, not yet anyway. No, the most brutal time in any Voice iteration has finally hit season 13. The cast of contestants is about to be cut in half again, moving from a Top 8 to a Top 4 in one fell swoop. The eliminations in season 13 have been a bit hard to nail down, but at this point in the competition, the frontrunners are becoming much clearer. This should, in theory, make the final artists evident, but let’s dive in and predict them anyway. Here are my predictions for who will be competing in The Voice season 13 finals!

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Rather than my typical predicting method of going through who is safe, who is in danger and who is going home, I’m just going to make predictions for one group. I’ll choose the artists who I think will be in the finals. After all, the “In Danger” group is rather irrelevant now, considering how many people are going home. Everyone is “in danger” this time around. 

However, there are at least two artists who it would be completely shocking to see go home or even to have to sing for their lives in the Instant Save…

Who Will Easily Advance?

The first is Chloe Kohanski. Chloe is not my personal favorite this season, and there’s actually a couple artists I’d like to make the finals over her. However, Chloe has been a bit of a juggernaut this season. She’s turned in consistent performances, has dominated iTunes for several weeks and has won over a huge fan base. Chloe has seemed destined for the finals for a long time, so much so that her Top 8 performances were kind of half-hearted. The Top 8 was Chloe’s worst outing, but still, she should end up riding the wave of her popularity to the end. 

The other shoo-in, in my mind, is Addison Agen. Addison has not rested on her laurels at all in the competition and has just gotten better and better. The Voice has had many singers like Addison. She’s not all that unique, but Addison fits her role of the folksy singer/songwriter type extraordinarily well, and that’s a feat made all the more remarkable because of her young age. Addison needs, and should be in, the finale.

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The Final Two Spots

After Chloe and Addison, the choices are a little harder to be pick out. However, for the last two spots, I’m just going to use the Top 8 performances and not look at the artists’ journeys as a whole. With that stipulation in mind, Brooke Simpson has to be in the finals.

Brooke not only got the prime spot of closing out the show, but she did it with gusto. Brooke was powerful and commanding without being screechy. (I’m looking at you, Davon and Keisha.) Brooke took a song that pretty much everyone knows and delivered it into a knock-out performance to properly close out the night. Brooke’s chances of winning it all are still slim, but she’s a late-game contender. 

As for the last spot, I’m going to give it to Noah Mac. Honestly, it’s probably a toss-up between Noah and Red Marlow. In light of Voice history (and the way Team Blake usually dominates), the choice should be Red. However, Noah is very popular and he’s one of the more unique artists in the competition. A Voice finale without a country singer is rare, and all the coaches having one singer is a little too cute, but both have been known to happen. Of any of the four artists listed here, Noah is the most likely to be in need of the Instant Save to move forward. But if that happens (and he’s not up against Addison, Brooke or Chloe), he should easily win it. 

It’s with a lot of hope that these predictions are made. But still, my finale picks are Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen, Brooke Simpson and Noah Mac.

What do you think? Who are your picks for the finale? Do you agree that these four will be competing at the end? Who are you rooting for to win The Voice? Who do you think will actually win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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