The Top 8 continue to claw their way to the top of the Hell’s Kitchen competition. Chef Gordon Ramsay puts their skills to the test as they are tasked with creating pasta dishes while ongoing drama continues to spark flames between the contestants.

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Jennifer and Elise had quite the heated argument after the Red Team’s last failure in the kitchen, but this is a competition with a lot at stake and they have to play the game. Jennifer squashes the beef with Elise, aligning herself with her former enemy. This should be interesting.

The final eight contestants line up in front of Chef Ramsay in the dining room as he explains the next challenge.

Challenge: Profitable Pasta

With 10 minutes and only 20 dollars, each chef must scour the market for ingredients to create a pasta dish that looks far more expensive that it is. To help judge the challenge, Ramsay introduces restaurant owners Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson (Top Chef Masters) and Bruce Kalman (Top Chef).

Out of the gate, the Blue Team starts off strong with two dishes scoring highly priced targets each. Unfortunately, Milly drops the ball and scores the lowest out of all the chefs. It’s surprisingly uncharacteristic of him and, if his team fails in dinner service, I’m sure this topic will be brought back up. Michelle and Elise both help to pull the Red Team out of a slow start, leaving both team’s fates up to Benjamin’s dish.

The Results: The Red Team wins!

Thanks to Elise and Michelle, the women finally win a trip outside of Hell’s Kitchen to enjoy their victory. Go-karts and lunch are on the agenda. Also, an extra victory for Michelle comes as Ramsay announces that her dish will be featured on the menu during dinner service. The men, and Robyn, are left behind to give the kitchens a deep cleaning.

The doors are open and actors Tyler Hilton (Pitch), Sebastian Roche (The Originals) and Keesha Sharpp (Lethal Weapon) are among the eager and hungry guests. The Red Team starts off strong with Elise on hot apps for the first time since being back in Hell’s Kitchen. Things are very different in the Blue Kitchen as Robyn makes the mistake of talking over Chef Ramsay and slowing a ticket down with cold beef wellington.

The great start Elise gave the Red Team has now come to a serious halt as Dana kills a full ticket of wellington. Ramsay is forced to skip it. Now they’ve moved on to a ticket of lamb which reaches the pass cold and raw. Again, they have to slow down for Dana’s mistakes. Robyn continues to confuse the Blue Team’s tickets and slows down the service. Ramsay takes her to the pantry, reminding her to “wake up!”

Somehow, both teams catch up to one another and are now only three tables away from closing out the night. Whoever finishes first will win the night. With the last tickets mostly coming from Dana and Robyn’s stations, it truly is all up in the air.

Dana Disappoints

Well, Dana drops the ball… again. The wellingtons are overcooked then under-cooked. You never know which one you’ll get. Ramsay takes the women to the pantry and tells them to figure out which two all-stars to put up for elimination. The Elise-Jennifer Alliance is now in full swing. The women are split down the middle now as the alliance gun for Dana and Michelle, or “Dachelle” as Elise has named their clique.

With two against two, the Red Team stands before Ramsay with a split decision. Dana, Michelle and Elise are all asked to step forward and fight for their spot in the competition. Michelle is told to get back in line. Elise’s name is called after… to step back in line!

Going home tonight is… Dana.

Elise survives to see yet another day in Hell’s Kitchen. I will admit I am very surprised to see Dana leave and not stand as a finalist. Michelle needs to watch her back now that the Elise-Jennifer Alliance proves to work successfully.

Do you believe the right person was eliminated tonight? Did Dana’s one bad night warrant her elimination? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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