Happy National Nude Day!

If you’re in the privacy of your own home, I think you know the best way to honor this “holiday,” which was probably  invented by Big Suncreen to sell more product during the summer. I’m on to your games, Banana Boat.

But since most of us can’t (or won’t, or shouldn’t) shed our clothes for the day, here’s another, SFW way to celebrate: By watching these classic, clothes-less scenes from some of our favorite comedies. Because as you, I and every TV writer out there knows, naked people are funny.

Don’t worry, most of these scenes have been scrubbed free of anything truly scandalous, since they originally aired in primetime. The most you’ll see is some bare backside. (One of which belongs to Danny Devito. Eeeuuuugggghhhh.)

Everyone’s Favorite Never-Nude: Tobias Funke’s Hilarious Disorder on Arrested Development
For being the one Bluth who is psychologically incapable of taking off all his clothes, Tobias is consistently the least-clad member of the clan. Here’s a brief montage of some of Tobias’s never-nude moments. (My favorite Tobias never-nude quote isn’t included, though: “There are dozens of us! Dozzzzennnns!”)

Hi, Dr. Cox: J.D. Does the Naked Chicken Dance on Scrubs
Is it weird that, to me, the most embarrassing part of this is that J.D. is wearing nothing except tall black socks? (Also maybe that he’s doing that dance for Tara Reid.)

The Human Form Has Never Been Grosser: Saturday Night Live‘s “Sculpture Class” Sketch
Will Ferrell’s classic sketch about a disgusting vagrant who volunteers to pose for an art class still holds up. And the strategically-placed easels mean you’ll still hold down your lunch.

Streaking for the Sake of the Family: Eric’s Naked Ode to Nixon on That 70’s Show
Yelling, “Wee wee! Pee pee!” while streaking might be immature … but so is streaking. So it works.

Streaking Because a Bully Locked You Out of the Locker Room: Sam’s Embarrassing Blue Dot on Freaks and Geeks
Poor Sam. He really is living every teenager’s worst nightmare. That must be why, years later, his reluctant nude run through the halls still makes us laugh.

Never Let a Little Nudity Get You Down: Saving Mal in His Birthday Suit on Firefly
“Yep. That went well.” That’s probably also what lots of female Firefly fans said after watching Nathan Fillion’s nude backside walk on to the Firefly after Saffron conned him out of his clothes. The reactions of his crew are priceless.

The Miracle of Birth, Only Heinous and Disgusting: Frank Emerges from a Leather Couch on the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special
Much like an actual birth, watching Frank, naked and sweaty, rip his way out of a leather couch is at once one of the most amazing and most disgusting scenes you could ever witness. Rumor has it that the scene was inspired by a live cow birth. Makes sense.

The Ol’ Locked Out of the House Gag: Susan Loses Her Towel, and Her Keys, on Desperate Housewives
Ladies can get caught out in public naked, too. But when you look like Teri Hatcher, it’s not really that embarrassing.

I’ll Never Look at Silly Putty The Same Way Again: Joey’s Foolproof Fake Foreskin on Friends
The Friends writers loved to use nudity for the sake of humor. Three words: Ugly Naked Guy. But this scene, in which Joey tries to pretend he’s not circumcised to get a role in a movie, haunts me more than any of the gross descriptions of Ugly Naked Guy’s activities ever could, all thanks to the noise that the silly putty makes when it hits the ground. Thud. Shudder. Pete from 30 Rock knows what I’m talking about.

The Nude Hail Mary: Ted and Barney Try the “Naked Man” Move on How I Met Your Mother
After learning the move from Robin’s date Mitch, who successfully convinced her to sleep with him simply by surprising her in the buff, Barney and Ted decide to try out Mitch’s move on their own dates. But first they have to decide which pose will best display their, err, ass-ets.

The Fun Run Starts Out Not-So-Fun: Pam Sees Michael’s Junk on The Office
Jim calls it a “baguette.” Pam calls it a “dangling participle.” I call this moment one of the best of The Office.

“It Feels Like a Hefty Bag of Full of Meat”: Homer and Marge Get Caught Mid-Coitus on the Mini-Golf Course on The Simpsons
An effort to revive their relationship leads Homer and Marge on a naked adventure that includes a hot air balloon, a scandalized church congregation and finally, a stadium full of onlookers. (Starts around 14:14.)

Not enough nakedness for you? Do you have a favorite birthday suit scene from TV? Share it in the comments, but keep it clean, you crazy kids.

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