And then I started wondering if there’s actually anything new with the rest of the Top 10 of the recent American Idol season.  I mean, we’ve seen contestants outside the final two get record deals and have pretty successful post-Idol careers.  This year is no exception: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have snagged contracts, as well as fourth-placed Allison Iraheta.  And then we wonder about the rest.

E! Online caught up with them as they rehearsed for the it’s-getting-seriously-close American Idol summer tour, and then I realized that they’re all pretty much in a state of limbo.
“I’m sitting down with record labels next week,” third-placer Danny Gokey said.  “I hope to sort it out before tour.  But I don’t want to wait too long.  The quicker the better.”

Well, actually, that is the exception.

Fifth-placer Matt Giraud: “I’m writing a little, but mostly I’m waiting until after the tour and I’ll see what happens the.”

Co-seventh-placer Lil Rounds: “I think the tour is a great showcase for us and will help build interest from record labels, so I’m thinking after the tour is when we’ll see something happen.”

Co-seventh-placer Anoop Desai: “No CD plans yet. But I too am looking at the summer tour as a new audition process.”

Eighth-placer Scott MacIntyre: “I’ve produced some CDs and have a home studio, so I’ve started working on [it] … I’ve received some interest, and I’m sure it’s going to increase a lot when the tour goes on.  I have talked to publishers and managers, and I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Ninth-placer Megan Joy: “For those of us that don’t know yet, we’re supposed to find out if anything is lined up for us this month.  Right now, I’m just writing … And I heard a rumor that [Fleetwood Mac singer] Stevie Nicks was maybe wanting me to play her in her movie. I really want that to be true.”

Tenth-placer Michael Sarver: “There are some options out there for record deals, and I’ll entertain those when the time comes.  I reached song number 900 over this last week.  My short-term goal is to write 1,000 songs.”

So, basically, they’re hoping for the tour to get them somewhere.  Was the last season overhyped, then?  Maybe not exactly–for all my past dislike of Danny months ago, I’m waiting for him to get a record deal, partly because it’s inevitable.  Of course, wishful thinking on my part means Matt and Megan will get albums, too.  As for the rest, well, I can only wish them luck, and I hope they have fun with the tour–after all, if there’s one thing with Idol, it’s that a tour slot doesn’t mean you won’t fade away into obscurity, too.  Like that thing with Ace Young that I wrote a couple of days ago.  I remember getting some odd stares after that.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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