The houseguests for Big Brother 11 officially moved into their new home Sunday evening, and already there is news coming out.  Over at RealityBBQ, they have an inside spy who is delivering details about the houseguests moving in, the cliques, the first Head of Household competition, and strong hints about who the mystery 13th houseguest will be.

WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 11 spoilers.  Read at your own risk!

The 12 houseguests for season 11 moved into the Big Brother house on Sunday at around 6:30pm, PST (aka Big Brother local time).  The cliques were revealed, and they pretty much broke as you expected. Football player Jeff, MMA fighter Russell and Tae Kwon Do champion Natalie are the athletes.  Model Braden, small town Jordan and bikini model Laura are the popular kids.

Ph.D. Michele, journalist Chima and Star Wars nerd Ronnie are the brainiacs, while tattooed nanny Lydia, obviously gay ex-Jehovah’s Witness Kevin and daytime teacher/nighttime DJ Casey are the off-beats.

It sounds as though each clique has one associated former Big Brother houseguest, and that the first Head of Household competition was played in teams.  The winning clique got their past contestant to come in as the 13th houseguest and also to be the first HoH.

The HoH competition, held the first night, was an endurance competition, and as you might expect, the athletes won.  Though the source didn’t reveal the identity of the mystery houseguest joining the game, it is a Big Brother 10 man who is an athlete.  I’m putting my money on bodybuilder Jessie, but there were a lot of athletes last year.  Winner Dan was an assistant football coach, Ollie played football in college, and gay Steven was professional bull rider.

The anonymous source also gave some input on how the houseguests act. They think Casey is a new Mike Boogie (oh no) while Jordan is a bubbly girl everyone will love.  The source also believes Russell is a real contender with his charm and intelligence.

Since I’ve already decided in my mind to hate Russell, I find this last one hard to believe.  Instead, I’m also disappointed it’s a man from season 10 returning, because I would give anything to have Remy and her feather boas back in the house.

Big Brother 11 is now underway, but it doesn’t officially start until Thursday at 8pm with the season premiere on CBS.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBQQ
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