For Fringe season 5, Astrid Farnsworth got herself ambered along with the Bishop family and shot into the year 2036. Now, she must avoid Observers while continuing to solve puzzles and keep Walter from wandering off too much. On a recent visit to the set of Fringe (courtesy of Warner Bros.), we talked to Jasika Nicole about Astrid’s journey in the show’s final season.

WARNING: While Jasika Nicole was very good and did not reveal too much about the upcoming season, there may still be a few Fringe season 5 spoilers scattered throughout this interview. Watch out for those!

First things first, check out this video of Jasika Nicole talking about Fringe season 5 and about Astrid’s place in the final episodes of the series.

Don’t want to watch the whole thing? That’s OK. We have some of the highlights for you right here!

  • Jasika Nicole thinks that Astrid is the most well-adjusted member of the Fringe team in 2036. That makes sense. She was the most well-adjusted of them all even in the present day. Why would that change?
  • Walter is even more fragile in Fringe season 5 than in earlier seasons? That is not going to be good.
  • That’s so weird — Astrid really has not experienced many fringe events throughout the show.
  • There’s something nice about the fact that no one can ignore Astrid anymore.
  • If egg sticks are all you got to eat, you definitely would get hungry.
  • Jasika Nicole assumes that her character’s father died before the Observer invasion in 2015.
  • Does Astrid have any other friends outside of work? She never seems to have talked about them, but it seems weird that a nice lady like Astrid would be all alone.
  • The subtle clues about how Astrid abandoned Walter as much as Peter had? That was not a mistake. Astrid was off trying to work with the FBI against the Observers. She only got back with Walter right before the amber-ing.
  • “If Astrid had been around when he was making all these tapes, there would only be a couple of episodes in season 5.” Thank goodness Walter got to make tapes all by himself in all that madness! This way we get 13 episodes.
  • At least the circumstances of season 5 mean that Astrid pretty much has to get out and do stuff. It’s about time!
  • Frinjas. Why has this not been a thing before???
  • Astrid would be good with kids. Maybe later!

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