In the Season 6 premiere of Castle, Beckett found herself working with a new agent named McCord. Actress Lisa Edelstein (who plays Beckett’s tough, but fair partner) talked to BuddyTV about McCord and Beckett’s relationship, McCord’s goals for Beckett and why she wanted to create “The Beckett/McCord Show.”

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead for Castle Season 6 Premiere “Valkyrie”

If you’ve seen the Season 6 premiere of Castle, then you know that Beckett said yes to Castle’s proposal, and then started her new job in D.C. While there, she began working with Agent McCord, but just who is Beckett’s new partner?

McCord’s Goals for Beckett

“She is a strong and capable and ambitions federal agent, who serves as a mentor to Beckett and I think represents a lot of Beckett’s hopes and dreams for herself,” Edelstein said about her character. 

McCord only has one goal for Beckett: To make her a great agent and she will do that in whatever way she can. “McCord will continue to challenge Beckett – not with animosity, but encouragement. She really wants Beckett to be great at her job.” 

McCord’s Opinions About Castle

In the beginning, Castle isn’t exactly McCord’s favorite person, but seeing as how he inadvertently got himself poisoned by their suspect, she’s definitely willing to help him out. “Once Castle is in the situation that he’s in – it’s actually the easiest way to get somebody to agree to participate is if you’re participating and trying to avoid your own death. So even McCord can’t say no to that.”

Creating the “Beckett/McCord Show”

McCord is definitely an important part of Beckett’s life now that she’s taken on her new job in D.C. Edelstein wanted the two of them to have a special relationship, one that was separate from the one Beckett had with Castle. The team behind the show was excited to make Edelstein’s vision a reality. 

“I talked about it with Andrew [Marlowe, creator and executive producer], and I talked about it with Stana when I arrived – I took a risk because what I said to both of them was, ‘Look, because of the character’s circumstances and this now being D.C. and not New York, I want this to feel like it’s a different show. I want it to feel like it’s the Beckett/McCord show. Because that way, when Castle comes in, he’s a real infiltrator. I wanted it to be a whole world that the audience was a part of that became a clashing world with the world that Castle brings.’

“And so that was my personal goal and I told that to Stana at great risk because she could’ve been somebody who was like, ‘Get out of here! This is our show!’, but she’s not. She was so excited by that idea, and so playful and so willing. Andrew and the writers were all into it so we had a lot of fun trying to really create [that] whole new environment that we find Beckett already in – because we come to it when she’s already there for a while – and just sort of really create a place that her character has become a part of.”

What did you think of the Castle Season 6 premiere? Did you feel like you were watching the Beckett/McCord show for part of the episode?

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