Constantine is now on the other side of John’s possession. On “Quid Pro Quo,” it’s time to find out why Chas is so loyal to John and more about Chas’ personal life outside of this strong friendship. 

BuddyTV spoke with Charles Halford about those topics and the differences between Chas and Constantine’s approaches, the outlook for a Constantine Season 2 renewal, and how Chas has defied death. Read on for edited excerpts of the conversation.

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Chas and Constantine seem to have an unbreakable bond. Why is Chas loyal to him?

Some of that gets explained on Friday. Beyond that, I think you have to go beyond the show. Before we had the show, we had the comics. There’s a loyalty in that relationship in the comics due to Constantine sort of rids Chas of his mother problem. When they were much younger, Constantine had a lot to do with Chas becoming his own man and in so doing becomes Chas’ sort of only real family. 

This is all from the comics. It’s one of those things– Chas is indebted to Constantine. … In the show, they have taken it even further. There is this sort of familial tie or this pseudo-familial connection between the two of them. There’s a responsibility that Chas feels to fight by John’s side and hopefully save as many lives as possible. 

On Moral Differences

It’s challenging because Constantine obviously can lay to waste lives as well, it’s that fine line because Chas is that moral compass to a degree, but it’s tricky. I feel like Chas is always trying to do the right thing and is having to stomach the fact that John’s doing the same thing but on the wrong side of what might be the standard conscious. Chas is challenged by John’s moral compass, but he’s obligated to stand right by his side and fight along side him.

On Outlook for Constantine Season 2

We’re all maintaining serious optimism. We know the show we’re making and the fans resonate that. It’s all okay. If anyone can fight their way out of a really hairy situation, it’s John Constantine. If anyone can have their back against the wall and the odds against him, then John will figure his way out of it. And, I’m a big fan of universal poetry, so I think we’re okay. I know that everyone involved creatively isn’t done with the show. As long as the fans stick by it and like what we’re doing, we should have a nice steady future ahead of us.

We find out Chas has a daughter.

Mmm hmm.  Isn’t that sweet? It’s true to the comics. Chas has a daughter and he’s got a wife who hates Constantine like any wife I think would if their husband’s best friend was John Constantine. In the show, he has a wife and a daughter and they’re estranged. The reasoning there gets explored this week. Not surprisingly, it has to do with our title figure. I really loved the family they found for me. 

I think should the show should go forward, that is a big part of who Chas is and that he has this life that he would like to live. It’s the life he had before Constantine interfered. He’s a little conflicted there about doing what he thinks is right and what he feels he’s obligated to do and just being normal and living a happy normal life with his beautiful wife and daughter.

It also brings this really great thing to the show. You take this ragtag team of loners: John’s on his own against the world. Zed is on her own against the world. Chas is alone alongside them. And then you find out that he’s a family man. 

Chas has “died” on the show at least three times that I can remember off the top of my head. Will be get more insight into how he’s been able to stay alive or come back to life?

It’s all coming out this week. This episode is chock full of answers. All of those questions will be answered. The immortality thing, the family issues, the marriage thing, the daughter, the Chas’ endearment to John. There’s a lot of good stuff this week. 

Constantine airs Fridays at 8pm ET on NBC.

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