Some big name stars are coming to your favorite shows next season, including on The Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother and Psych. M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming series has cast a movie star. And Once Upon a Time has found a Lost Boy.

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James Franco Guest Starring on The Mindy Project

The star, who we’re more familiar with from his many feature films, as well as TV’s General Hospital, is heading to the small screen again in the fall. Franco is joining The Mindy Project as Dr. Paul Leotard, who will take over for Mindy when she’s in Haiti with her boyfriend for a volunteer mission.

According to a press release, “A former professional fashion model, Dr. Leotard radically altered his career goals after he accidentally walked off a runway at fashion week and was saved by a pregnant woman. From that day forward, he devoted himself to helping pregnant women and immediately applied to medical school.” Wow, imagine if he had been saved by a more shady person.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Franco will appear in the first two episodes of season 2, which premieres September 17 on FOX.

How I Met Your Mother Adds Ellie Kemper as Wedding Guest

With The Office now off the air, its stars are available to join other shows. For Ellie Kemper, though, her next gig won’t be as a regular but as a guest star in one episode. She’s being added to the guest list for Barney and Robin’s wedding.

According to series co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, via TVLine, she’s playing Cassie, “one of the most attractive, available and — as Ted discovers — unfortunate guests at Barney and Robin’s wedding.”

Kemper’s not the only big name we can look forward to in the final season, premiering September 23 at 8pm on CBS — other guests will include Wayne Brady, Cristin Milioti and Sherri Shepherd.

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Once Upon a Time Finds a Lost Boy

Once Upon a Time ventured into Neverland in season 2, and we can look forward to more in season 3 because Robbie Kay has been cast in a recurring role as one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, as reported by TVLine. The show is still looking for an actor to play another Lost Boy, the leader Rufio.

Kay is no stranger to fairytales. He stared as Pinocchio in the 2008 TV miniseries of the same name, for which was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Once Upon a Time returns September 29 at 8pm on ABC.

Tom Arnold Joins Psych

Come season 8, there’ll be a paranormal police consultant in town by the name of Garth Mathers. And according to Deadline, he’ll be played by none other than Tom Arnold.

Garth arrives in Santa Barbara with Bernie, his sidekick; they take part in the Cutting Edge Consultants panel. But how about adding a little drama to the panel? After a murder happens, the two help out with the case.

Until then, you can catch Arnold as the host of My Big Redneck Wedding.

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Toby Jones Cast in M. Night Shyamalan Drama

When The Sixth Sense director debuts his new TV drama Wayward Pines on FOX next year, one of the cast members may be familiar to you from his work on the big screen. Toby Jones has been cast as Dr. Jenkins, “a charismatic and mysterious psychiatrist who treats a Secret Service agent who arrives in a small Idaho town looking for two missing agents,” according to Deadline.

Jones voiced the character Dobby in the Harry Potter films, and played Claudius Templesmith in The Hunger Games and this year’s sequel Catching Fire.

Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino and Melissa Leo are also set to star in Wayward Pines.

Yancey Arias to Guest Star on Castle

Caskett better brave themselves! TVLine is reporting that Yancey Arias is guest starring in the first two episodes of season 6 as Carl Villante, who heads up an elite investigative unit. But that’s not all — he’ll be butting heads with Beckett and Castle during a high-stakes case.

Nothing is know yet about the specific case or why he clashes with our favorite duo, but you can be sure fans can’t wait to find out.

Castle season 6 premieres September 23 at 10pm on ABC.

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