I’m popping in again for another round of casting bits, and tonight’s edition includes an old vampire, a couple of Alcatraz baddies, and the Six Million Dollar man. But we begin with a stripper…

Nikki DeLoach is headed to Ringer: the star of MTV’s Awkward is headed to the CW drama as Shaylene, the stripper whose murder Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) witnessed. Safe to say her scenes will be through flashbacks. She will first appear on the show on March 6, according to TV Guide.

CSI: NY gets a crime veteran and a college reunion: the third CSI show may be getting benched this February, but it’s coming back with a bang. An episode airing this April will feature Lee Majors, best known as Steve Austin on the classic ABC series The Six Million Dollar Man, according to TV Guide. He’ll play Burton, a detective who worked on a case in the 1950s that went cold, but is drawn back to action when Mac (Gary Sinise) asks for his help after a similar case pops up.

That case will involve two familiar faces from ABC Family’s Greek: TVLine reports that Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill will also appear in said CSI: NY episode as two techs in Mac’s lab, who are questioned when their coworker (the “similar case” bit) is found killed.

Alcatraz gets two baddies: Fox’s upcoming sci-fi series has cast two more missing Alcatraz prisoners, TV Guide reports. First off: Michael Eklund, who you might remember on Fringe as the guy who triggered a catastrophic chain of events with a pen — he’s playing kidnapper-slash-murderer Kit Nelson on the show’s January 23 episode. The episode after that features Rookie Blue‘s Eric Johnson, who plays bank robber Cal Sweeney.

Michael B. Jordan checks into House: the Friday Night Lights star (and recent Parenthood guest) will appear on the this season’s 14th episode as a blind patient, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No clear word on how he’ll exactly mix things up, though.

Nikita gets a mother (of sorts): E! Online reports that Fame and Veronica Mars star Erica Gimpel is headed to the CW series as Carla, the woman responsible for pulling Nikita (Maggie Q) off the streets before she joined Division. The two reunite on the season’s 14th episode, and the circumstances aren’t so nice. She’s currently signed up for two episodes, but she could appear on a recurring basis.

And finally, THR has a first look at Dichen Lachman on Syfy’s Being Humanthe Dollhouse stunner plays Suren, a vampire royal whose return, coupled with a complicated past with Aiden (Sam Witwer), will trigger an upheaval among Boston’s vampires. Executive producer Jeremy Carver calls Suren “the worst temptation to come down the Pike” for Aidan, who’s tried to wean himself off his vampire ways. “Part of it is the romantic past they share.” The new season premieres on January 16.

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Henrik Batallones

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