Glee hasn’t shied away from covering very serious topics before, including attempted suicide and death. Another one of these types of episodes will air tonight.

Sure, we’ll see Rachel continue working on Funny Girl. And yes, Mercedes has a couple songs of her own to sing. But the 15th episode of season 5, titled “Bash,” will be remembered more for a storyline involving Kurt.

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High school can be a breeding ground for bullying, teasing and the like. And Kurt faced his share of that at McKinley. But the real world isn’t always better, depending on the circumstances.

FOX has released a clip from tonight’s episode, featuring Rachel, Kurt, Blaine and Sam (I wonder where Artie is during all this) attending a candlelight vigil for someone named Russ who was on the receiving end of gay bashing. During the vigil, the four perform “No One is Alone” from the musical Into the Woods.

It’s unclear who Russ is, though I assume one of them knew him — maybe he was a student at NYADA. There are a couple shots in this video that focus on Kurt, and this situation obviously hits close to home for him. Kurt himself will be the victim of gay bashing at some point in the episode. In the previews, we’ve seen that it’s bad enough to land him in the hospital.

The other songs featured in “Bash” are “Not While I’m Around,” “I’m Still Here,” “Broadway Baby,” “Natural Woman” and “Colour Blind.”   

What do you think of the performance? Did you find it moving as well? And will this be a tough episode overall to watch?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)

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