E! Online is reporting that there won’t be just two deaths on the much-hyped Desperate Housewives plane crash, but five. Yes, five. A plane is set to crash on the manicured lawn and picket fences of Wisteria Lane’s Hodge-Cross residence in the ABC dramedy’s December mid-season cliffhanger on the 6th, and not just two people will die, as previously reported, but five. We also got wind of why the little aircraft will crash – two passengers getting into an argument.

Is Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) one of these five? One of the clues Desperate Housewives insiders have been dispersing is that one of the casualties is a fan favorite, and the intarwebs have been abuzz with Orson as the most likely candidate.

Potential spoiler after the cut.

That is a big negative, he tells E! Online.

“You heard it here first! I make it through and will be returning to the show,” he said at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The revelation, while it may bring smiles to Orson fans, means the big fan favorite death is still up for grabs on Desperate Housewives. We already know that Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) pregnancy is definitely at risk, and Katherine (Dana Delaney) also makes it through because she’s in the hospital because of a stabbing incident. So nothing is still for certain on this show.

Source: E! Online [1]
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