Brenda Song as London Tipton

London Tipton of Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is played by Brenda Song. London is the daughter of Wildred Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotels. A dim-witted, spoiled, selfish and wealthy young lady, she lives in her own private suite at the Boston Tipton Hotel, and enters the Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow School with her close friend Maddie Fitzpatrick, a candy counter girl at the hotel. Aside from Maddie, the Tipton manager Marion Moseby is also London’s confidante with whom she shares her problems.

Despite London’s closeness to Maddie, she often treats Maddie as a servant. However, Maddie still cares for her friend and tutors her in Math while London helps Maddie with her love problems. London has also shown some signs of being abusive of Maddie, when she lent Maddie money for her parents, but used Maddie’s indebtedness to ruthlessly exploit her. London finally takes a peek into Maddie’s real life when Mr. Tipton went bankrupt and London was forced to stay with Maddie temporarily, thus experiencing a simpler life than what she normally leads.

Pop star Jesse McCartney once visited the Tipton and it was revealed that London and Maddie were fans of the young artist, as the two girls desperately tried to see him. The two share a unique bond as they often do things together, such as celebrate their birthdays on the same day. They also once went on a double date with twins, where Maddie went out with the smart one, Cody, while London went out with the handsome but dumb twin, Zack. In season 2, Maddie started dating a boy who was London’s ex-boyfriend. London got a bit jealous because she still liked him.

The two also got jobs at the Cluck Bucket, but London caused Maddie to get her old job back as the mascot, Hillary Hen. However, with London in charge, things got pretty messed up, and Maddie came to London’s rescue.

(Photo courtesy of Disney Channel)

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