After far too many months away from our televisions, Burn Notice returns tonight with new episodes. And things look to be a little different for Miami’s best team of freelance spies. For one thing, hero Michael Westen got his old CIA job back at the end of last season. We can be sure that the fallout from that change (whatever it may be) will have a major impact on the upcoming fifth season of the show.

USA has released a series of clips from the Burn Notice season 5 premiere. The first clip appears to show Michael’s return to Miami:

I’m guessing the car isn’t in great shape.

The security didn’t seem so strict in that building. Or maybe it was.

What kind of a name is Hector? No wonder he’s a bad guy.

No one does friendly intimidation like Michael Westen.

Seriously, he’s creepy.

What kind of airline doesn’t have peanuts? Have cost-cutting measures gone that far? So sad.

That’s it for the videos. Now, for some spoilers from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix (as reported by TVLine):

  • Michael is back at the CIA, but not everyone is happy to have him there.
  • A new, recurring character, Max (played by Grant Show), will be Michael’s CIA handler and frequent collaborator on “official” jobs.
  • Another recurring character, Pearce (played by Lauren Stamile), will be a CIA operative that Nix calls “a very complicated ally.”
  • Fiona and Michael will be moving in together. It will not go smoothly.
  • Jesse is going to have a job at a private security firm — and he may not be around quite as much as a result.
  • As part of his jobs, Michael will play a James Bond-esque spy and a Las Vegas loan shark (who is notable for misusing common phrases).

Burn Notice season 5 premieres Thursday, June 23 at 9pm on USA.

Are you looking forward to the return of Burn Notice? How will Michael balance the CIA with his Miami life? And what kind of roommate will Fiona be? Leave your thoughts and opinions below!

(Image and videos courtesy of USA)

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