Michael decides to trick a third enemy — a dangerous heroin dealer — to attack some Serbians to regain stolen military drones and to protect an asset of Pearce’s. The heroin dealer takes an undercover Sam, but that backfires when the CIA deems Sam as not critically important. Michael and the team work to keep Sam safe and proceed with the mission. Fi and Madeline work to find the fake Michael Westen aka Jacob Starky — who just bought a glock. Uh-oh.

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Top Five Moments:

5. Elaborate Espionage: The plan for this week is quite complicated. Ready? Michael decides to steal heroin from some trigger happy drug dealers. They staged the thievery to get Sam into Carmello’s (bad guy) and take down the Serbians. Then, Jesse acts as an addict to get the Serbians against Carmello. A shoot out occurs, Sam’s story is questioned. Sam’s endangered because the CIA executives aren’t fans. It’s all elaborate and complicated that I could barely keep up with why everything was happening. Yet, the tension created from this added to the storytelling.

4. Bad Guy Types: Weird names. Strange fashion. Evil actions! This week played with two sets of bad guys. The first, a heroin dealer with Persian night club owner clothing named Carmello Dante. Okay… The second set all wore black in the restaurant scene and had obscure names… Okay, the writers are clearly having a fun time imagining villains and I am having fun watching them.

3. Michael’s Gamble: Michael volunteers Sam to infiltrate a dangerous heroin dealer for a CIA operation, though the CIA don’t see Sam as imperative. Everyone is mad at Michael for this — Fiona, Madeline, the CIA, Pearce, even Michael — except Sam. What a good best friend!

2. Maddy and Fi’s Adventure: They were on a mission this week to help advance the murder/Michael frame plot and they did it with the grace of those Southern gals they were impersonating. I enjoy this pair up since together, they basically rule Michael.

1. Pearce: Though she and every other CIA agent wears Aviator sunglasses, Pearce is a rather refreshing character to come out of the CIA. Pearce — CIA Bloodhound — is surprisingly vulnerable for a CIA agent. She almost married an asset (she said his full name — important?) and got visibly upset. Every year, Burn Notice casts a new, beautiful female adversary for Michael. I liked Moon Bloodgood that one year (because of her name, duh). But I think I like this character the most for many reasons.

According to previews, Michael works to save a young boy’s life and is up against a…militia. In the words of Kevin McCallister, yikes!

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