You can be forgiven for thinking the upcoming Fox series Alcatraz is the next Lost. It’s got J.J. Abrams as producer. It’s about an island that’s legendary, if not mysterious. It’s got elements of time travel, judging from the idea of prisoners going missing in the 1960s and popping up in the modern day. And it’s got Hurley not saying “dude”. As far as we know.

The important bit is, as far as we know. The cast of Alcatraz headed to the Comic-Con last week, sure, but apart from the things we already know, they’re not saying a lot. Not surprising, since that’s how most J.J. Abrams shows go. And the fact that the cast members don’t know much apart from the pilot isn’t much of a surprise either.

So, as we stand, we don’t know that much about Alcatraz yet. And still I’m looking forward to it. Well played, J.J. Well played.

Anyway, videos! First, the cast introduce themselves:


And then the cast introduce the premise of the show:


And finally, interviews with Jason Butler Harner and Parminder Nigra…


…and Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia and Santiago Cabrera.


Alcatraz premieres in 2012 on Fox.

(Image courtesy of Fox)

Henrik Batallones

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