Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of Burn Notice, “Square One.”

Michael and the gang (Fi, Sam, and Jesse) begin covering up Max’s murder by burning/exploding/cool stuff-ing the gun that killed Max. The CIA starts its murder investigation on Max and Michael tries to redirect the leads. However, the people who framed him (still unsure who/why) used an imposter. In the client of the week, Michael and an Army sniper look into finding who is responsible for harming his sister; a domestic violence case on Burn Notice? No, it’s never that simple; it’s a medical scam (a little unclear on what — it was just important this time to get the ringleader out of power)! So the team plus Ethan — the client — fake a scam clan of their own; but of course, Ethan nearly messes it up because he has sniper powers. Whatever; the bad guy is caught, Ethan avenges his sister and agrees to meet with CIA recruiters, so we might see him again (probs not).

High Five Highlights:

5. Reenactment: Watching Michael and that CIA cop reenact how Michael escaped last episode was a lot of fun to watch and also a great way to start out the episode; it was better because the recaps played right before it and we literally could remember the symmetry. Plus, Community fans will recognize the CIA cop as Professor Slater, played by actress Lauren Stamile. The scene was so Burn Notice.

4. Fi’s Feminine Touch: Michael’s rather masculine loft is under a takeover. Though it is humorous to see a bread basket, scented candles, and potpourri scattered throughout Michael’s apartment, is that really in Fi’s badass character? Yes, actually. Fi’s vanity and materialism in addition to her violent tendencies is why it is so funny.

3. Michael’s Haircut–Plot Point? First of all, new haircut (approve?). Second of all, at the end, we see that an imposter has gone into the video store and mimicked Michael’s movements, clothing, style. Except, didn’t he have his hair different last episode? Is this a plot point? Or a continuity error? I’d like to think plot point so I can call myself clever…

2. Client of the Week For the first time in a while, I actually felt something for the client of the week. I liked that he mirrored a young Michael in skills and situations. My only problem with the client of the week in general is that it is like a romantic comedy: you know that in the end, everything is going to work out. A little predictable for my tastes. In the coming weeks, I would like for some tensions and non-happy resolutions–maybe that will happen because of the murder investigation. Or maybe Michael will have to babysit for Nate! I’m pushing that idea like crack.

1. Burn, Baby They really put the title’s name in to good use this episode. Anyone else notice how much they burned stuff. My count was three (the gun, the car, the house). I especially liked how the second one was shot; there was a fountain behind it, a flaming car, and Michael looking cool.


– Do you think the murder investigation is a good way to navigate the fifth season?

– Am I crazy about the haircut theory or wanting a little spice in the client-of-the-week stories?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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Emily E. Steck

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