On tonight’s Burn Notice, Michael and Fi go on a romantic getaway aka an assigned CIA job. Michael’s idea of romance is CIA paperwork and undercover work, Fi’s is guns-a-blazing and bubble baths. Michael and Fi protect some bioweapons traitor and his wife Charisma Carpenter! In a small subplot, Sam and Jesse do Michael’s dirty work by searching for who framed Michael for Max’s murder.

Top Five Moments:

5. Charisma Carpenter: I have and will always love Charisma Carpenter. From her great work as Cordelia Chase in her Buffy and Angel days to her recurring stints on Veronica Mars and Greek, I’ve been waiting for her on this show since it was announced this summer. Her character was not unlike those she’s played in the past–glamorous, superficial, bitchy, but she does it with such likability, one would even say charisma.

4. Burn Notice Glamor: When I think of spies, TV and movies have usually tangled my brain into thinking that black tie affairs and espionage go hand in hand. It is glamorous and fabulous! Burn Notice has made a name of correcting this, showing the droll of surveillance, the hazards of field work, and the harsh lives of spies. But tonight, it took a vacation from the less darling adventures Michael and co. have to a world I and many others are familiar with: glamor spies.

3. HoYay!: The scene between Michael battling the Russian was a well-choreographed fight scene (though, there were problems with the execution or the editing–not sure).What really made this scene…memorable was that both were in a steam room, wrapped in white towels, and otherwise naked.

2. Michael and Fi Go On Vacation: The romance between Michael and Fi has sort of been in a rut this season–nothing is happening to progress their relationship but nothing is setting them back. Finally, a development is made this episode–the possible marriage question–but it means little when the other married couple comes in. In comparison to an obviously loveless/superficial/flawed marriage, Michael and Fi’s status is shining, halting growth. The show is obviously trying to say that Michael and Fi are okay because they love each other. It would have been better if this comparison was to a better couple so Michael and Fi could grow, but we still have the next half of the season.

1. Remember the Murder Mystery…?: It’s been on the backburner for this season. In fact, Michael’s lack of involvement is rather puzzling in relation to the rest of the team, who have actively been working on it for Michael. Perhaps the show thought it would be too obvious to Pearce and the CIA if Michael was working so hard on the investigation? Anyways, Pearce finally does her job and pulls a gun on Michael. Cliffhanger!

Next week is the summer finale of Burn Notice! According to the previews, Fi feels remorse for killing people, Michael fights for his innocence, and things, in true Burn Notice style, blow up.

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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