Well, you can cross “they are all characters in a Stephen King novel? off the list of LOST theories, maybe. The third season started off with a huge homage to the imminent horror novelist by having the mysterious “Others? gathering to discuss King’s CARRIE at a book club meeting.

LOST Enthusiasts have pointed out several similarities to King story lines in the past including novels like Drawing of the Three, The Stand, Carrie, Tommyknockers, Cujo, and shorter works like Survivor Type, and Umney’s Last Case. Often times these connections are fleeting moments, sometimes they point to the overarching thematic elements of the series.

A popular theory amongst fans, based on this evidence, has been that the characters are all characters in a Stephen King novel; a forgotten tome of the Dark Tower series famous for unifying the Stephen King universe. Including King’s work as a piece of fiction in the opening to season three seems to have diffused this theory once and for all. But don’t close that door too fast, remember that King wrote himself in as a character in final Dark Tower books, and the series itself exists as a work of fiction in the summers “LOST Experience? game. It could be yet another metafictional red herring.