Still trying to reconcile with the fans insatiable appetite for information, the producers of LOST have stuck their necks out a little and released a partial list of the mysteries that will be addressed in season three of LOST:

1. Who are the others?

We’ll know where they came from, where they live, and what they are doing. Are they as central to the mystery of the island as we think they are? Or just another contingent of the LOST?

2. Who does Kate have the hots for?

Okay, maybe not so much of a mystery for all but she is going choose her man in season three, and word is very early.

3. Why is Locke in the wheel chair?

Yup, we will finally learn how Locke wound up paralyzed!

4. Who is the father of Sun’s baby?

Jin? Or some other LOST soul? Maybe somebody back home? We’ll know for sure this season.

5. What happened to the hatch?

Bright lights, lots of noise, stuff falling from the sky, LOST producers promise to close the lid on the hatch once and for all.

6. Did Michael and Walt escape?

Nuff said! Will they be back to the island? We’ll find out in season three.

7. Who is Libby?

She seems connected to everyone at this point. Was her presence more than coincidence?

8. Is Claire Jack’s half-sister?

This will be revealed sometime in the first six episodes.

9. Is LOST still cool?

Okay, so I added this one in. Does LOST still have it in Season Three? Can’t wait to find out!