In a recent interview with, J.J Abrams had some very good news for LOST fans: they really do know where it is going — for this season at least. Season Three of LOST, which starts tonight, picks up with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer now the captive “guests” of the mysterious “others” that inhabit the island and menace anyone hapless enough to stumble on the mysterious island. Fans of Abrams will also be pleased to know that he has apparently signed on for the duration of Season Three. Abrams, who mostly sat out Season Two of LOST to direct Mission: Impossible III, indicated that he will be doing more writing and possibly some directing for Season Three of LOST. Abrams told “For me, writing the first episode with Damon was just an absolute joy, getting to write those characters again and be inside the heads of those characters, as it goes on this season, especially where it goes, I’m looking forward not to just directing an episode down the line but — we have a structure in place for the remainder of the year, and I think when we get to the end of the season it’s such an exciting an unbelievable conclusion … I would love to be able to work on the finale.”