Remember when you laughed so hard at Michael Scott on The Office that beer shot out of your nose? Or the time you caught yourself actually singing along during Glee? Or how about when you couldn’t stop cringing at Dexter’s latest slice of life? So many TV moments are too great to share with just your couch cushions.
And now thanks to BuddyTV, there’s an app for that. Starting Tuesday, Sept. 28, the BuddyTV app is available for free download in Apple’s iTunes store, enabling you to connect with other viewers of your favorite shows, share your thoughts on new and past episodes and see what fellow fans have to say. All from the comfort of wherever — and whenever — you’re watching.

The new app allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to:  

  • Get insider updates about episodes from actors, directors and writers
  • See what other fans have to say
  • Discover new shows and find new perspectives about your must-sees 
  • Comment on your favorite TV shows while you’re watching
  • Share your comments on Facebook and Twitter
  • Earn credits like Executive Producer for being a top commenter  

To kick things off with the insider updates, we’ve got The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels piping up during tonight’s episode with comments, including the contestant to watch this season. Wednesday night during NBC’s Undercovers, follow along with executive producer Josh Reims’ comments about his casting process and what it’s like to work with the show’s stars. Also on Wednesday, check out comments during America’s Next Top Model from judge and photographer Nigel Barker and executive producer Laura Fuest to get the inside scoop on this season’s high-fashion angle.

With the BuddyTV app, you’ll never watch TV the same again.

Our app even has its own video — lucky duck. Check it out:


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