Eagle eyed Heroes fans – particularly those with HDTV DVRs – were treated to a full frontal, half second glimpse of lead baddie Sylar in the preview for next weeks episode ‘six months ago’. A lot of speculation has circulated about Sylar, particularly about who Heroes execs would cast to play the scalp-slicing special. Those rumors can finally be put to rest once and for all right here with our EXCLUSIVE Sylar-revealing screen-grab. Jump through to see the big baddie himself!

As originally spoiled by Kristin Veatch of E!Online Sylar is played by 24 alum Zachary Quinto. Which means Dr. Who’s Christopher Eccleston is cleared of all brain swiping charges, and Sean Bean can continue to play second fiddle to hobbits.

Fans of Eccleston that prefer the former Dr. Who in a more heroic guise will get their wish, however, when Eccleston appears on the January 22nd episode playing an older special with a power that has not been seen yet on the show. Exciting stuff! Eccleston will be joining the cast as a regular for the remainder of the season.