In case you didn’t know, Damon Lindelof and Tim Kring (Heroes) used to work together on Crossing Jordan, and despite working for competing networks still geek out together quite prominently (Lindelof recently interviewed Krig for NBC’s website. for instance.) So I was doing my usual inspirational Jeff Jensen reading (Jeff is THE man for LOST in the mainstream, over at go check him out, NOW!) and he mentions some very interesting concepts. One is that the numbers, in the lost experience game, are factors playing on society which are stimulating forces of a cataclysmic end-of-the-earthy nature. He proposes a big WHAT-IF. What if there were a secret alliance between Damon, and Jeff, to create stories that

take place in the same universe? What if those DAMN numbers, were also stimulating the evolutionary processes at the center of the Heroes plot? What if the twin connection Damon always teased us with was the fact that the Oceanic 815 pilot had a twin brother who was a psychic cop? What if the “good” ones, were the specials amongst the 815’rs. most prominently Walt? Well, turns out Jeff had the opportunity to ask Tim Kring about this, and he got an answer. I’m not going to dis Jeff by pasting the answer here, so I’ll direct you to his brilliantly written stuff here for the answer to the question. You’ve got to admit, the idea is captivating! Perhaps us, as fans, could form the unofficial connective tissue ourselves where the networks would never be so bold! How’s this for an attempt… Alvar is from Denmark right? So where the heck did he pick up ‘Namaste’? Because he was good friends with Chandra Suresh, that’s why! And where did Chandra pick up his theory of the evolution of super hero abilities? During his time with the Dharma initiative no doubt. I mean, only Dharma had access to the top secret Valenzetti equation. Dr. Suresh was clearly able to take some of that research and adapt it to focus on one interesting little knock off: the ability to predict genetic changes in response to environmental change. Now, even though the networks would NEVER go for an open connection between the shows, remember that the numbers showed up in a Veronica Mars episode once (in a fortune cookie) so there is no reason a similar non-infringing homage could not appear in Heroes or Lost. Given the close ties between these men, I’d keep my eyes open if I were you!

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