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Premiere: Thursday, September 11, 8pm

Hosts: Brooke Burns, Mark Thompson

Premise: Based on the Japanese game show Brain Wall, each episode of Hole in the Wall features two teams competing to see who can survive the longest as moving walls speed toward them.  The only way to get through each wall, all of which feature strangely shaped holes, is for contestants to contort their bodies in the weirdest ways imaginable.  Otherwise, into a pool of water they go.

There’s nothing more fun than watching out of shape people attempt to perform athletic feats on wacky game shows.  Just ask ABC, which managed to turn Wipeout into a summer sensation thanks to the sight of overweight contestants flying off of giant rubber balls.  It may not be highbrow entertainment, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

With Wipeout‘s success, it’s no surprise that FOX wanted a zany game show of its own.  The network took its inspiration from the Japanese series Brain Wall, which has been rebranded Hole in the Wall for American audiences.

Considering Hole in the Wall‘s simple premise, one has to wonder if viewers will quickly grow tired of watching people bend into crazy shapes.  FOX doesn’t think that’ll be a problem.  Not only is the network convinced that families around the country will watch the show together, but they’re also daring to put the show up against reality TV juggernaut Survivor.  FOX is hoping that Brain Wall‘s success on YouTube, where clips of the series have received over 5 million views in the past six months, will rub off on the American version.

Will Hole in the Wall‘s endless parade of contortionists, unusual holes, and overweight belly flops be enough to keep the audience’s attention for more than an episode or two?  I wouldn’t bet on it, but it should be fun to watch for at least a few weeks.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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