When New Girl airs its season 2 finale on May 14, not only will there be a wedding, but country music superstar Taylor Swift is stopping by to cause some trouble. Will it be anything like when she allegedly crashed a wedding last summer with her then-boyfriend Conor Kennedy?

Also, Once Upon a Time will be taking a few weeks off. But before it returns, ABC is set to air a recap special that’ll also include teasers for the rest of season 2. And NBC is planning a spin-off for one of their freshman shows, Chicago Fire.

Once Upon a Time Special Will Reveal Spoilers to Last 4 Episodes
NBC Planning a Chicago Fire Spin-Off

According to Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift will guest star as Elaine, who is described as an “important guest” at Cece and Shivrang’s wedding during the finale. And as E! Online explains, Elaine “will not be sitting there quietly.” Sources say that she “is also Shivrang’s ex and she will try top stop the nuptials.”

It seems as if the writers are tailoring the character to the star, as Swift is no stranger to getting even with ex-boyfriends (through her songwriting).

Aside from that, it also is fitting for her to make a guest appearance, considering the characters on New Girl have mentioned her by name many times this season, including when Schmidt mentioned the “Taylor Swift-like range of emotions” he was feeling and when Jess said, “I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone” after Nick tried to make her feel better.

The New Girl season 2 finale, titled “Downton Abbey Christmas Special,” will air on Tuesday, May 14 at 9pm following the So You Think You Can Dance premiere.

Once Upon a Time Special Will Reveal Spoilers to Last 4 Episodes >>>

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