I’m checking in tonight with your easy to digest (but not always easy to chew) news bits that we call, obviously, Buddy Bites. Let’s begin with news that has not gone down well with some people…

Is there a Biggest Loser mutiny going on? TMZ reports that the contestants of NBC’s weight loss competition are threatening to quit after a surprise twist would enable previously eliminated contestants to return and compete for the $250,000 grand prize. The remaining contestants feel that the twist is unfair, so they decided to group together and walk off the set in the middle of shooting an episode. (Talk about reality. Real reality.)

Sources tell the website that production on the show was shut down for a week so bosses can sort the whole thing out. Here’s a suggestion: abandon the twist. “Feel good” doesn’t mean “not fair”.

Star Jones finally talks about her messy exit from The View in 2006… and she talks to her former co-hosts on The View. Jones tried to avoid the issue, though, asking Barbara Walters: “Do we care at this point, sister?” Walters pushed on, and Jones finally budged, saying that her exit was “ugly”. “It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media. I take real responsibility for my own behavior at the time, but I will not take responsibility for decisions I did not make.”

There was also this bit about Joy Behar asking Jones to confirm that she asked them to lie about her having gastric bypass surgery… and then the topic shifted back to heart health, which is why she was there in the first place. I guess they should’ve just left it with Wawa. Watch the whole thing below:

Seinfeld actor Daniel von Bargen is in critical condition after attempting to commit suicide, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Von Bargen, who played George’s boss Mr. Kruger in the show’s final two seasons, shot himself in the head but later called 911. (A recording is on TMZ, if you want to hear that kind of stuff.) Von Bargen is suffering from diabetes and told the 911 operator he “didn’t want to” go to hospital for treatment.

Nope, no Ryan Phillippe on your TVs: the former Mr. Reese Witherspoon has dropped out of the untitled CBS drama headed up by Nick Wootton and Greg Berlanti, according to Deadline. Phillippe’s departure from the pilot — which would’ve seen him play a cop who wuickly goes up the ranks, as we previously reported — was amicable, though; he apparently had doubts as to whether he could commit to a regular TV series role. Phillippe is currently shooting a recurring role on the final season of Damages.

The Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice was not poisoned, Ugandan authorities told ABC News. Rice, who was found unconscious in his hotel room and was pronounced dead in a local hospital yesterday, apparently died of a cocaine overdose. A spokesperson for the country’s police force denied that local thugs attempted to attack him, but added that details will only be cleared when they talk to his assistant, Katheryne Fuller, who was also found unconscious but is currently recovering. The two were not working on the CBS reality series at the time of the incident.

Finally today, the cast of Parenthood do “Girl on TV”: it’s a cute music video — a cover, actually, of LFO’s 1999 hit — led by singer Landon Pigg, who happens to be the boyfriend of series regular Mae Whitman. (Who? I should stop sneaking in these Arrested Development references.) While the older Bravermans lip synch, the younger Bravermans, as well as recurring star Michael B. Jordan, were dancing. Just in time for the show’s season finale next week.

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Henrik Batallones

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