18 Years Old
Keller, TX

6th Eliminated – 10/25

Brooke Miller Biography:

Brooke Miller is from Keller, Texas, and she left her high school on her last year in order to audition for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7. In the process, she wasn’t able to attend her senior prom and her graduation, but aside from experiencing a bit of frustration, Brooke has no regrets about her appearance on the show.

When Brooke started out as a Finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, she had a bit of difficulty adjusting, especially when she and the other thirteen finalists were made to pose naked for their group photo. However, Brooke eventually became more comfortable with the challenges and with the other girls. On Brooke’s last week on the show, she, along with the Babin twins, got to accompany Melrose Bickerstaff to a Seventeen Magazine photo shoot, after Melrose won a runway walk challenge facilitated by Elite Models director, Cathy Gould. The photo shoot following the challenge required the girls to pose with model Fabio, and although few of the other girls had a difficult time, Brooke was placed on the bottom two with Eugena Washington. Ultimately, the judges eliminated Brooke because they felt she didn’t possess enough potential to be a great model.

After appearing on the show, Brooke continued her studies as a Broadcasting major at the University of Texas. She plans to relocate to New York City in order to pursue her modeling career.

Brooke Miller Pictures:

Episode 1: Modeling Stereotypes The Backstabbing Bitch Episode 2: Do You Own the Hair or Does the Hair Own You? Episode 3: Shaky Catwalk Episode 4: Freakshow Circus Rubber Girl Episode 5: Famous Couples K-Fed & Britney Spears Episode 6: Romance Novel Covers Desperate Woman (Photos courtesy of CW)

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