Monica, so you were one of the top 20 All-Star candidates… I was one of the 20 All-Stars. They chose 14, and unfortunately I did not make the All-Stars, a little disappointed but not surprised. So even though you were disappointed that you didn’t make it in the house, that didn’t stop you from watching this season? I need to know why I wasn’t chosen as an All-Star and plus my two guys from my season, Will and Mike are there, so I had to watch the show. I had to support Season 2! They’re my good friends anyways outside of the house so I needed to watch them work their magic and I wanted to see why I wasn’t there. I wanted to see what was so phenomenal about these 14 people to see why I wasn’t there. So I am watching the show and I know everything that’s going on.
And based on what you’ve seen already, you feel like you should have been on there? I shoulda been…I shoulda been. Just for the fire and keeping it real. Because everybody has been playing the game very scary except for Chill Town. They going for it, they playing the game. They didn’t get so caught up in the money so early. Everybody else was just getting caught up in the money. Everybody can’t win the prize, so have fun playing the game! Everybody taking the game too seriously and not playing the game. Everybody playing too scared. I don’t see enough fire! I wanna’ see some you know, lets get down, lets play the game, not let’s tiptoe around it. Let’s call you out, if you did wrong, let’s call you out and put you on front street and let everyone see how you really are! …But the downfall is all those different alliances. So you think you’d be playing the game a lot more aggressively? Yeah, I woulda been playing the game maybe the same way I played in Season 2. I went day by day, I didn’t have a set strategy, you know what I mean, you have to feel the situation out. I wouldn’t say that if I was an All-Star I wouldn’t be in an alliance, I would have to! I would have to if I was gonna survive. I wouldn’t damn be called a floater, no way! I don’t like the word floater cause being a floater to them was being someone who wasn’t in an alliance. But if that’s your strategy that’s your strategy. They said in my season I played under the radar, but call it what you want, a strategy is a strategy. Compared to some of the other All-Stars during campaign week, you didn’t seem to do too much self-promotion online. Do you think that was a big reason why you didn’t make it onto Big Brother 7? Nope, nope, nope. That had nothing to do with it. Trust me. That had nothing to do with it and that’s all I’ll say. Nope, nothing to do with it. The whole campaigning thing…everybody who was on the chats, doing things that they weren’t supposed to be doing that they were doing…and look, I’m an obedient servant baby, and that’s just who I am. So I don’t think because I was invisible during those times that people didn’t go oh wow, I was still a favorite going into the house. People still say she should be in there. I know during the campaigning and advertising on CBS, they gave me much love. You seen me all over the place, you know, so had nothing to do with that…it was some other factors that I haven’t put my hands on yet, but it wasn’t that, trust me. Whoever’s on the show is who they wanted on the show, that’s the bottom line. In a way I’m glad, cause Season 6 was so familiar with everybody. Everybody want Season 6, everybody want Season 6…they got Season 6. They got Season 6, and when it was all said and done, they’re like damn…we shoulda mixed this up a little bit more! Because people forget very quickly, but they didn’t forget about season 2. They didn’t forget about Monica and they didn’t forget about Will in that season. So tell us, how did you initially get involved with Big Brother? I mean you were one of the originals, and I’m sure a lot of the Big Brother fans today were not even watching Big Brother when it first came out. Well back in 2001 if I can remember correctly, back then there wasn’t a whole lot of reality shows except for Survivor. And one day they had an ad in the daily newspapers saying there’s a new reality show – 12 people living in a house and no connection to the outside world and cameras following you 24 hrs a day, and at that time I was like what is this, let me try this out. So I did everything I was supposed to, sent a tape in, and everything else is history. I didn’t know what I was getting into, I had no idea that reality shows would be such a phenomenon five years later, and I figure Season 2 was the grandfather of all big brothers, if it wasn’t for Season 2 there wouldn’t be no 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! So you being on one of the original seasons compared to Big Brother now, do you think the show has changed a lot since your season? Yes it changed a lot. Back then it was considered one of the first shows, I know there was Big Brother 1, but Big Brother 2 really set it off and look, now the house that they live in there is Power of Veto. Back when we did it we were like a new baby they were rockin’ and see how it going to turn out. Just like you have your first baby you say I wanna raise it like this but you’re not sure, you might make a little mistake here and there and what will I do when I have another one…so they have improved over the years. How was your experience on Season 2? I mean, that must have been great making it to the final 3, right? Yeah, I think coming into the final three was a great experience. At the time I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just trying to survive from day to day cause a day felt like a year or a week in there and not knowing who to trust and who not to trust…so you just had to play the game on your instincts and I had great instincts and that’s why I think I lasted so long and the way I played the game, silence is power – you speak when your spoken to, when it’s time, and that’s how it goes. Don’t create too many enemies to quick. We all know Will is a great player. And you had the chance to be on the same season with him. How do you feel about the way he’s playing the game? I feel he’s playing a great game. I said from the beginning that if he stays on, if they don’t get him out, he deserves to win the money. He has no business still being on the game, and when they allowed him and they didn’t put him out, he deserves to be right where he his. And if they that dumb that they allowed him to still be in the game to win the money, then he deserve every drop that he wins. How you gonna let the only person that won their season, Big Brother…out of all the All-Stars, he’s the only one that won the money! How in the world he still on the show?! That’s the first person you try to get out, the one that won the money already. Now they messed around…now I promise you, don’t be surprised if he’s in the final two. That’s it, that’s my predication. Don’t be surprised. No one should be mad…they should be like,” damn, I’m rootin’ for him.” What about Mike? Mike Boogie?! Listen…I’m rooting for him too. Because in my season he didn’t get to stay a long time, so he didn’t really get to play the game then. So he got a chance to show what he could do if he were to stay long enough on my season. He’s doing it now. Plus he got Will. They was Chill Town in Season 2, and they got a bond this season…so they working the magic. That’s it. Will is the puppet master, and Mike is the apprentice, lets just keep it real! (Laughs) What are your thoughts about Will and what he really thinks about Janelle? Listen, let me tell you something. You’ve been watching the whole season like I have and watched him in my season, even if you didn’t watch a lot of this season. He knows how to work people. He finds their weak spot and he works it. He’s so convincing. He’s a smart guy, he’s playing the game. Whatever he needs to do to get what he needs, that’s what he going to do…and I just hope my girl Janelle don’t fall into the trap. But you know what? She’s a smart cookie too. She’s a smart cookie and they both trying to get the first and second spot, let’s not fake the funk. I know all of them want it, but those two right there…Janelle needs to make a point for what happened to her in Season 6 cause she was so close. And you know…cause I enjoyed her in Season 6…so she got something to prove. And of course he’s in there saying, “look, I won one time, let me show you how a master does it.�? If they woulda slowed down and stop admiring him so much saying he’s the best player in Big Brother history. They waited too late…now it snuck up on them. There’s been a lot of talk recently about Big Brother being rigged. What are your thoughts? You know what, the age and time of reality shows now is different from when I did it. What you see is what you get. Now there are so many reality shows, and people think that with all these shows, they might be running out of steam now. That could be a possibility or not, I don’t really have any kinda feelings about whether they are scripted or not. You could say that I want you to win Monica, but if I cant win the competition you didn’t make me win, you might want me to win, but you didn’t get me to win. Like I know the rumors that they telling people what to do, how to do it. Yeah, you can tell me what you want me to do, but it don’t mean that the results are going to be what you want it to be, so is it scripted? All shows are scripted and to use the word scripted is edited, and all shows are edited a certain way, and that’s no secret. So I don’t really have no feeling about where’s this rigged or not. What Will is doing right now…do you think someone is telling him to do that? No. He’s doing it the way he want, everyone’s doing it the way they want to do it. The outcome is going to be the outcome no matter what. I’ve heard those things too…nah…I played the game. The only thing is about editing They got great editors, they know how to edit it out, they know what to put in to make good television cause ain’t nothing except ratings baby, lets keep it real, its all about ratings and about nothing else. Call it what you want to call it. So what are you doing now Monica? I’m still pursuing my acting career, doing a lot of theater, stay in class, auditioning, done some voice over work, hosting jobs…that’s what I want to do. I wanna host some kinda show, something, like a VH-1 Celebreality. I don’t know how people get hooked up with that stuff but I have a lot to say and I think people will listen. So I’m pursing my acting career. Did Big Brother help your career in any way? What I can say about Big Brother, it did open the doors. But, this is the biggest misconception…the biggest misconception people have and even people on the show is that you are going to be a star when you leave these shows. You are not going to be a star. What you have is 15 minutes and you have to make these 15 minutes work for you, you have to. You can’t act like this is all you do. The biggest misconception is people act like they gonna be stars but you are not gonna be stars, you’re not. Just take a look and see, there’s a few chosen, and you’ll see what they doing. Ok, so people do get some gigs here and there, but have you seen anybody on the Shield and House and I could name a bunch of prime time shows. You seen anyone of them on it? No. Moving right along… (Laughs) Wow, that’s a hard truth. I’m gonna keep it real. Everyone know how I gonna say it. You’re doing the blogs too right? In the cyberworld, nobody heard from me for like five years before the All-Stars and then when the All-Stars were going on, I wasn’t going online to chat and say wassup cause I’m not into the computers like that. Im a phone type of person so once I did this Revenge of the Houseguests blog, it got all over the chat rooms, and everybody said Oh My God, guess who’s out, guess who’s around and you have to read her stuff! And it’s been very exciting and very nice and it’s been an honor that people feel that way. The fans were really upset when I didn’t make it and I got so much love. I’m glad I did it cause I have some fans that have been really good to me, and not only have they been good to me and very supportive, I felt that they deserved to hear from me, so I want to thank all my fans for looking out for a sister. If you could leave us with one last thought from Monica, what would it be? We are all stars. We just shine at different times. We’ll we know that your time to shine isn’t too far from now. It was great chatting with you. Do you think we can do this again? Anytime ya’ll wanna do anything with me, however you want to do it, let’s just do it. I was very nice this time. I didn’t speak about a few of the people that I need to speak about but we can save that for another time cause I do have some stuff I need to say about Danielle and… You sure you don’t want to talk about it now? Uh….no. No, I’ll wait. Cause after tonight, I’ll have a whole lot to say baby. (Laughs)

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