Most people were appalled when it was announced that the new season of The Bachelorette would have two bachelorettes but that’s not the case for Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who both competed for Chris Soules on The Bachelor season 19. In a conference call with reporters, the stars of season 11 revealed what they really thought about the controversial twist and even shared their thoughts on their first night in the mansion.

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While former Bachelor star Sean Lowe said that having male suitors vote on who should stay as the official Bachelorette between Britt and Kaitlyn is “downright degrading for the women,” Britt and Kaitlyn had a different opinion. 

“When they told me there was two, I didn’t see it as degrading at all, because I don’t think it had to do with us being women,” Britt said. “I just thought that they couldn’t decide, so there was two. I didn’t see it as degrading, I honestly saw it as compliment, like we’re both so great. I like Kaitlyn a lot, so being put on the same level as her…I get it and it’s interesting. It’s kind of more like how a real relationship would unfold…it didn’t upset me. I read a lot of people saying that, but personally, I didn’t really see it that way.” 

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“I wouldn’t have done it if I thought it was the most degrading thing in the world. I think with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette world, at what point do you say it’s crazy to do that? I think it was just a little twist and turn they decided to do,” Kaitlyn said.

One positive thing that resulted from the twist of having two Bachelorettes? It brought Britt and Kaitlyn closer.  

“I think it made us better friends,” Britt revealed. “We supported each other and bonded over the crazy things that were happening around us. It was actually a little nice to have some support and I was glad it was Kaitlyn on the other side because just laughed a lot.” 

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According to Kaitlyn, having Britt by her side on the first night also “took the pressure off a little bit!” 

Speaking of their first night as Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn reveals she experienced mixed emotions.

“I was all over the map that night,” Kaitlyn admitted. “There’s times where I was questioning everything. There’s times where I didn’t know if I was being setup. There’s times where I felt confident. There’s times where I was excited. It was every emotion in the book.”

In the end, however, both Bachelorettes were pleased with how things turned out. 

“I think it went the way it should,” Kaitlyn said.

“I’m very happy,” Britt added.

The Bachelorette season 11 kicks off on Monday, May 18 on ABC. 

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