Easter Egg One

Talk about attention to detail! Hat’s off to the LOST crew for tracking down an authentic Thai kite master’s signature piece to bring a little authenticity to this episode. If the kite looked familiar, it could be because the swirl patterns were modeled after Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ . The kite itself is named “Starbird” and was created by Buteo Huang. For more information on the kite and the man, visit here. Is the kite a continuation of LOST’s subtle theme of time and space? Could be!

Lost - Stranger in a Strange Land - Easter Egg One

Easter Egg Two

Juliet was a very bad girl. The hyrdra station’s ‘court room’ was also some sort of Dharma auditorium at one time. Note the nice 3D hydra logo, wouldn’t you love to have one for your living room? Amongst the audience, do we see anybody we recognize? Maybe in the lower right? Could that be Cindy, the mysterious stewardess come other? Was this what they came to watch? Juliet’s ‘trial’?

Easter Egg Three

Recall the controversy that ensued when Juliet’s departure date seemed to be 9/11? (False alarm folks, there is no 9/11 LOST connection.) Imagine the fallout from this one! The branding that Juliet received is awfully reminiscent of the Scientology cross upside down! Inverted crosses came about with St. Peter’s crucifixion. He did not feel worthy of being crucified under the same cross as his messiah. It has since come to symbolize ‘unworthiness’ and as a mark of deep respect for your superiors. Are the others Scientologists?

Easter Egg Four

Was it the same teddy bear? The face does not look two tone like the one from 48 days later, and the appearance of the bear in subsequent episodes showed the bear quite grubbed up. My vote, very similar bear. Not the same one.

Easter Egg Five

Was it Michael’s boats? No. Even though it looks similar in the night time scenes, the daytime scene (inset) showed a much longer boat than the one Michael and Walt used to sail off to ‘rescue’.

Easter Egg Six

So what do jack’s tattoos really mean?  I’ll give you a hint… it isn’t “He walks among us, but he is not one of us.”  In fact this is nowhere near correct.  Our friends at LostPedia.com settled that a LONG time ago:

A word by word explanation of the 4 Chinese characters on the tattoo:

  • The first character(é¹°) means eagle.
  • The second character(击) means strike, as a verb.
  • The third one(é•·) means long.
  • The final one(空) means “sky”,”space”,void,”empty”.

These characters are pronounced ying ji chang kong (in PinYin)

These four characters are taken from a famous poem written by Chairman Mao Tse-tung (MAO Zhedong). It can be roughly translated as “Eagles high, cleaving sky”, or more simply, “the Eagles fly up on the sky”. But the poem itself has a deeper meaning. In the end of the first stanza, the poet asks, “who masters fate’s rise and descent?”

So there you have it.  When Jack said “that isn’t what it means”  he wasn’t kidding!



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