Pay TV channel Sony Entertainment Television (SET) and production company Moonshot Pictures are creating a Brazilian version of America’s Next Top Model.  The foreign incarnation, aptly named Brazil’s Next Top Model, is scheduled to premiere in October.  Made up of 12 episodes, the show will run in Latin America until December.

Filming for the latest foreign version of America’s Next Top Model will begin next month in Sao Paulo.

Brazil is known for its lot of beautiful women, but that is not the main reason why the local version is being made.  SET co-executive producer Alexandre David said that the reality series is part of an effort established a year ago to produce shows in the main Latin America markets, which, aside from Brazil, include Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.  The effort was made with the aim of taking advantage of the tax incentives in the said countries.

The Brazilian version will follow the same rules as the original show.  The panel will also include a model, three permanent judges and a weekly guest.

The winner of Brazil’s Next Top Model will receive a modeling contract from Ford Models, be featured in an ad campaign and grace the cover of a local magazine.

America’s Next Top Model debuted in 2003, and has, since then, been adapted by numerous networks from around the world.  To date, there are more than 15 foreign incarnations of the popular reality series.  Countries that have local versions of the show include Canada, Australia, China, Africa, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Malaysa, Russia, Scandinavia, Thailand and Spain.

America’s Next Top Model has also been broadcast internationally.  Most recently, Australia’s Network 10 acquired the sixth installment of the show, and will begin airing the episodes on Friday, July 6.  The reality series will fill the commercial channel’s 9:30pm timeslot.  Previously, America’s Next Top Model had only been airing in the Australian subscription television, Foxtel.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Variety
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