Yes, please! With a lot of my favorite shows ending or going on hiatus, Bravo is serving up all new episodes and this week we get a new episode of Watch What Happens Live every night! Monday night he had Rebecca Romijn and Kenan Thompson in the clubhouse and it was surprisingly awesome. Last night he had Iman and Diane von Furstenberg and it was surprisingly not awesome. BUT tonight Tom Colicchio and Amy Sedaris will be in the clubhouse and I could not be more excited.

But know what else we have to talk about? The Real Housewives on The Fashion Show! The designers had to design for The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County. The challenge was to make them look classy and not like hookers. Still, the New Jersey Housewives told Teresa that her dress (designed by Calvin) looked like something they’d wear at Scores.

Finally, the most difficult salon owners we’ve ever seen were on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover this week. The husband and wife team made up a story about the salon’s namesake “Christopher Hill,” and it was about how he traveled from England and was bitten by a shark or some bullsh*t. The best part was when, after the whole salon makeover, the wife passive-aggressively noted that she wish Tabatha had given them a new full-size fridge and Tabatha said,
“I’ve got a new fridge for you, Alexis–f*ck off!”  I love Tabatha!
Check out this video of Eric Ripert being all salty! Apparently Elia’s been talking some smack about our boy Tom Colicchio and Chef Eric Ripert won’t have it!

What is your favorite night of the 5 Nights of Andy Cohen?

(images courtesy of Bravo)

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