Wade Williams as Brad Bellick

Brad Bellick grew up wanting to be a correctional officer. Right after he graduated high school, he passed the Correctional Officer Exam and has been at Fox River Penitentiary ever since. Since then, he has climbed up the C.O. ranks to the position of captain, despite several claims of inmate abuse. At the time that Michael Scofield was incarcerated, Bellick’s duties included aiding in the transportation of death row inmates to the electric chair, supervising the P.I. program and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all the inmates in general population. Bellick was what’s known as a C.O.’s C.O., and operated by two simple rules: There is no such thing as a “good convict,” and the main purpose of a prison is punishment, not rehabilitation.

Because of his beliefs regarding the prison system, his relationship with the warden, Henry Pope, has been quite strained. Nevertheless, Pope has given Brad many opportunities to redeem himself. However, after the Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and a number of convicts escaped the from the prison, the board decided to place the blame on Brad, and given his history of abuse and a testimony from C.O. Roy Geary, was consequently fired. Because his whole life was the prison, Brad briefly contemplated suicide, but after learning about the bounty on the escapees’ heads, he decided to run after them, even enlisting the help of Roy, the very person who got him terminated from the prison. This turned out to be a terrible error in judgment, as Roy eventually betrayed him. Brad gained some retribution when escaped serial killer, T-Bag, murdered Roy. Unfortunately, Brad was pinned with Roy’s murder, and returned to Fox River State Penitentiary, this time as a prisoner.

Because of his notorious past as a C.O. at Fox River State Penitentiary, Brad quickly made enemies, and later on, ended up at the infirmary. While he was recuperating, Brad encountered Agent Alexander Mahone, and helped him break Michael’s code-ridden letters to Sara Tancredi. Alexander then asked him to chase and capture escapee Charles “Haywire” Patoshik, and because he agreed to do so, was granted freedom on the basis of Habeas Corpus. Brad was able to capture Haywire, but instead of being given the reward money, was tasked to find another escapee, Fernando Sucre. After he captured Fernando, he went after serial killer T-Bag, only to be shot in the leg by the latter.

Handicapped by a bleeding leg and framed for the murder of a prostitute by T-Bag, Bellick was apprehended by Panamanian police and sentenced to Sona maximum-security prison.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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