The chemistry was immediate and undeniable when Special Agent Seeley Booth sought out Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan to help him with a seemingly unsolvable case. He was an alpha-egotistical maverick concerned only with catching the most nefarious criminals. She was a brilliant, arrogant and socially awkward pragmatist; a genius focused on finding facts and following protocol. Though well-suited for each other despite their differences, they allowed their pasts to keep them at a romantic distance bridged only by affectionate glances and tender words of love and support disguised as partnership gestures.

Over the course of 10 years, they saved each other’s lives, supported each other through sickness and heath and healed each other’s hearts as they found their own way to a bond that nurtured, challenged and delighted each individually as well. Join us as we revisit the inspiring journey of an abiding love born of a respect and admiration that transformed two partners into steadfast friends, ardent lovers and fiercely devoted spouses.

#33 Special Agent Seeley Booth and Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan Meet

A gambling addict unable to solve a politically provocative case, Booth reluctantly seeks the assistance of the top forensics expert recommended to him by former girlfriend and NYC coroner. Together Dr. Brennan, whom Booth affectionately and immediately nicknames “Bones,” and Booth solve their first case, almost falling into bed together after he fires her for assaulting a suspect. Though the spark has been lit, all thoughts of romance are put aside when the two forcefully disagree.

#32 Booth Has Brennan Detained by Homeland Security to Force Her Work with Him

Their first case together ended in disaster with Brennan vowing never to work with the egotistical FBI agent again after they argue vehemently in front of the victim’s mother. A year later, Booth has Brennan detained by homeland security and refuses to leave her alone until she agrees to work a case with him. Brennan agrees to work with him on the one condition that she gets to participate in everything involving fieldwork, interrogations and crime scenes. When Booth reluctantly agrees, a partnership that would change both of their lives forever is born.

#31 Brennan Entrusts Booth with the File on Her Missing Parents

After working over a dozen cases together, Brennan takes a risk and asks Booth for the favor of looking into the case of her parents who drove away when he was 15 years old, never to be seen again. She and her older brother, Russ, were left to fend for themselves. Shattered and abandoned, Brennan ended up in the foster care system where she learned never to trust anyone.

#30 Booth Saves Brennan’s Life When She is Abducted by a Crooked FBI Agent

While working a case with Booth’s colleague, FBI Special Agent Jamie Kenton, Brennan is abducted to prevent her evidence from revealing that Kenton was connected with mob boss James Cugin. Booth and Brennan establish their song, Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded,” and Booth is blown up while attempting to keep Brennan safe. An injured Booth rescues Brennan when she is captured and almost killed by Kenton. Brennan then postpones a date with a new man in order to keep Booth company in the hospital after saving her.

#29 Brennan and Booth Go Undercover as Engaged Couple Tony and Roxy

The partners take on the alter egos of engaged couple Tony and Roxy, finding themselves free to engage in some playfulness that they wouldn’t have if they were being themselves. The roles of Tony and Roxy are reprised in later years when Brennan and Booth go to a marriage retreat to solve a murder.

#28 While Briefly Buried Alive, Brennan Pens What Will Later Become Her Marriage Vows to Booth

Before Hodgins and Brennan use the few tools a their disposal to attempt to blow their way out of the grave they’ve been buried in by serial killer Heather Taffet, a.k.a., the Gravedigger, they both put pen to paper to write their final words to someone they love. Brennan chooses to write to Booth. Her final comment in that note is, “If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful.”

#27 Brennan Turns Down an Offer to Sail Around the World

Special Agent Sully, who is in love with Brennan, asks her to take a year off work and sail around the world with him. Everyone advises her to do it, but she turns him down because of her feelings for Booth, though she never admits it.

#26 Booth Takes Brennan’s Breath Away When He Describes What Making Love Means to Him

Booth: “Here we are. All of us, basically alone, separate creatures just circling each other. All searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places, some they just give up hope because in their mind they’re thinking, Oh, there’s nobody out there for me. But all of us, we keep trying over and over again, why? Because every once in a while, two people meet and there’s that spark. And yes, Bones, he’s handsome and she’s beautiful.. And maybe that’s all they see at first… But making love? Making. Love. That’s when two people become one.”
After a case involving people who liked to pretend to be ponies and riders, Booth explains to Brennan that those people were having crappy sex. When she asks how he knows they were having crappy sex, he gives her this explanation, expecting her to object. He is delighted when she agrees.

#25 Booth Saves Brennan’s Life Once Again

Stalker Fat Pam attaches herself to Booth and gets jealous when she realizes he’s already emotionally attached to Brennan. When Pam attempts to shoot Brennan, Booth steps in front of Brennan and takes the bullet for her.

#24 Brennan Offers Booth and His Son Parker the Key to Her Apartment Building

Booth’s son Parker wants his dad to get a girlfriend so he can have access to a swimming pool. Brennan saves Booth from his embarrassment over Parker’s interest by uncovering that the pool is the draw. As a result, she gives Booth a key so he and Parker can come swim at her place whenever they want.

#23 Brennan and Booth Go Undercover as Buck and Wanda Moosejaw

To investigate a case involving circus people, Brennan and Booth pose as alter egos, Buck and Wanda, that they use again when they don’t want to use Tony and Roxy.

#22 Brennan Saves Booth’s Life When He is Buried Alive by The Gravedigger

The Gravedigger buries Booth in a submarine that is scheduled to be imploded and sink. It’s during this case that Brennan figures out that Heather Taffet is the Gravedigger.

#21 Brennan Realizes She Wants to Have a Baby and Asks Booth to be the Sperm Donor

During a partners’ therapy session exercise with Booth and Dr. Sweets, Brennan realizes she owes it to the world to have a progeny. She asks Booth to be her sperm donor. Booth freaks out during the case and hallucinates for what Brennan recognizes as the third time — the first had involved hockey player Luc Robitaille, the second featured his fallen comrade, Parker — and rushes him to the hospital suspecting he has a brain tumor. On the way into surgery, Booth tells Brennan he wants her to use his sperm if he doesn’t make it out of the surgery.

#20 At Booth’s Bedside While He’s in a Coma, Brennan Reads to Him

It’s a story that she wrote about them being married. In the dream story, Booth experiences the fruition of his yearning to be with Brennan romantically and is unable to let go of that dream when he resurfaces.

#19 Brennan and Booth Kiss for the First Time

In exchange for the use of a conjugal trailor to celebrate Christmas in with her family, Brennan agrees to kiss Booth on the lips under mistletoe for a count of five steamboats.

#18 Booth Wants to Give Their Relationship a Shot by Becoming Lovers

And he is devastated when Brennan is too afraid, fearing she will hurt him and then lose him.

#17 Brennan and Booth Both Leave D.C. to Take a Year Off

Brennan needs to think about what she wants out of their relationship. Brennan goes off to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia and Booth returns to Afghanistan. Nine months later, they return to help Cam solve a case. When Booth returns, he introduces his new girlfriend.

#16 Brennan Tells Booth She’s Ready to Give Their Relationship a Shot

When Brennan sees herself reflected in the life and behaviors of a regretful victim, she decides to tell Booth she’s ready to move forward with their relationship. She wants no regrets. Unfortunately, Booth thinks he’s in love with the blond Q-tip he picked up in Afghanistan.

#15 Booth’s Marriage Proposal to She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is Refused

Then Booth swears off women altogether. Once Booth is disentangled from the blond interloper, Brennan wants to know what’s next for them. Booth says he needs time and a partner, nothing more.

#14 Booth and Brennan Discuss a Future Time When They Both Might be Ready for a Relationship

Once both Brennan and Booth are free of romantic entanglements, they discuss getting together eventually while they are locked inside the elevator of Booth’s apartment building. Brennan says that she always thought making love would be a very satisfying experience. Booth agrees, but is concerned about what that would mean for their relationship going forward because he’s not a casual person when it comes to his heart. They both erroneously agree that they are incompatible.

#13 Brennan and Booth Seek Comfort in Each Other’s Arms After the Death of a Favored Squintern

When Brennan’s squintern Mr. Vincent Nifel-Murray is killed instead of Booth, Brennan stays at Booth’s apartment. Her grief over losing Vincent is a jagged cannon cutting into her soul. When she seeks Booth’s comfort, he takes her in his arms, wanting to help ease her grief. Staring mortality in the face, they realize that now is the time and this is the place, or they may miss their chance forever.

#12 Booth is Thrilled When Brennan Tells Him She’s Unexpectedly Pregnant

Brennan and Booth continue to ‘date’ and, on the evening Angela gives birth to Michael Vincent, Brennan announces to Booth that she’s pregnant. To her surprise, he is thrilled.

#11 Brennan and Booth Vehemently Disagree Over Whose House They Should Live in

More than five months pregnant and getting larger, Brennan and Booth squabble rather nastily over combining their households. She wants him to move into her place. He wants her to move into his. He recommends they get a place new together. In the process, Booth predicts that one day she will ask him to marry her.

#10 Booth Delights Brennan by Finding the Perfect Mighty Hut for Their Family

Booth puts down a down-payment on a repossessed house that belonged to an imprisoned drug lord. He found the house at a police auction. The house is a wreck and he fears she will hate it. To his delight and surprise, Brennan can see its potential.

#9 Booth Helps Brennan Deliver Christine in a Barn

While far away from home, Brennan goes into labor. Far away from any hospital, Brennan threatens to squat and deliver the baby on the lawn of an inn. The only place available is a stable out behind the inn. Brennan and Booth deliver Christine there.

#8 Immediately Following Christine’s Baptism, Brennan Takes Their Daughter and Disappears

Brennan is framed for killing a friend who was helping her figure out how to get evidence against serial killer, Christopher Pelant. When a warrant goes out for her arrest, they get Christine baptized, after which Brennan and Christine sneak away with the help of Brennan’s father. Booth cannot know where they are going so he isn’t an accomplice and can still work on the case to catch Pelant and clear Brennan’s name.

#7 Brennan Proposes to Booth

As things heat up with Pelant, Brennan realizes she wants the world to know that she loves Booth more than anyone else in the world and wants to be his wife. She calls him to the park and gives him a bag of beef jerky, which she’s denied him earlier that day. He is flabbergasted when she says, “I’ve been afraid, I’ve been stubborn, and I’ve been in love… I want you to be my husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

#6 Booth Turns Brennan’s Proposal Down

Pelant threatens to kill five anonymous people if Booth doesn’t rescind his acceptance of Brennan’s proposal. Booth explains to her that they really don’t need to get married, though it breaks her heart. Eventually, she realizes that Booth would only do such a thing for a very good reason and decides to trust him and be patient.

#5 Booth Proposes to Brennan

The moment Booth saves Brennan and kills Pelant, he explains why he couldn’t marry Brennan before. Without hesitation, he proposes then and there. She, of course, accepts.

#4 Brennan and Booth Get Married

Despite the church burning down and no priest being available, Brennan and Booth marry in the rose garden outside the Jeffersonian, exchanging the most romantic vows ever seen on television. For Booth’s vows, go to slide #38 here and for Brennan’s vows, go to slide #37 here.

#3 Brennan and Booth Fight for Each Other’s Lives

Their beautiful Mighty Hut is completely destroyed when the special forces people come to kill Booth on behalf of the mastermind behind the FBI conspiracy. Booth ends up in the hospital and then in prison for three months while Brennan works furiously to clear his name.

#2 Brennan and Booth are Devastated When Sweets is Killed

In the thick of the FBI conspiracy case, Sweets goes to retrieve the financial records that will prove who the mastermind behind the conspiracy is. He’s overcome in the parking garage and killed. Brennan and Booth are there when he dies.

#1 Booth and Brennan Look to Their Future

Booth: “What do you think happens next, Bones?”
Brennan: “What ever happens next.”

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