The Supernatural season 10 winter finale is all about two kids who have serious issues because they were abandoned by a parent. And for once, I’m not talking about Sam and Dean.

Instead, we get a very different kind of mid-season finale, one that is more focused on personal family drama than big, game-changing moments like the deaths of Ellen, Jo and Kevin or Sam getting his soul back. “The Things We Left Behind” is about reunions between parents and their kids, whether it’s Cas and the daughter of the man he’s using as a vessel or Crowley and his witchy mom.

Oh, and then Dean goes off the deep end and murders the crap out of a bunch of humans.

Castiel and His Daughter

Cas feels badly about how he abandoned the family of his human vessel, Jimmy Novak, so he tracks down Jimmy’s daughter, Claire. She’s an angry juvenile delinquent whose mom left her after Cas. Claire is completely OK with her fake angel dad helping her get out of the group home, but then she runs away from him once she’s free.

Cas calls Sam and Dean for help, but Dean is more interested in having a heart-to-heart with his angel BFF about how, if he goes over to the dark side again because of the Mark of Cain, he wants Cas to take him out. Dean may no longer be a demon, but he’s having nightmares of dead bodies and blood.

Claire runs back to her faux family, a criminal surrogate dad and a foster brother who works at the Wiener Hut. They need cash, so Bad Dad convinces her to rob a convenience store. Thankfully, Cas tracks her down and stops her before she does. But she wants nothing to do with him and runs back to her Bad Dad.

Cas, Sam and Dean go to a bar to chat about fatherhood over whiskey. The result is a touching story about John Winchester and the time he saved an underage drunk Dean from CBGB in New York City.

When Claire gets back to her home, thugs are at the house threatening to cut Bad Dad over gambling debts. Proving that you can never trust a man named Randy, he sells Claire to the thug to wipe away his debt. Suddenly this has become an episode of Law and Order: SVU, with an underage teen runaway sold into sex slavery by her cruel surrogate father who used her to rob stores.

Dean and His Killer Instinct

Cas, Sam and Dean arrive just in time to save Claire. Cas, Claire and Sam leave, but Dean gets knocked out by the thugs. He flashes through every terrible thing the Mark of Cain has caused him to do and warns them not to mess with him. Seriously, you wouldn’t like Dean when he’s angry.

We see Sam, Cas and Claire outside and hear chaos from inside the house. They run in to see Dean on his knees, holding a knife, covered in blood, surrounded by the dead bodies of the thugs. They’ve been viciously, brutally savaged. Sam asks if it was self-defense, but it’s pretty damn obvious from the scene that this was something far worse. Dean is a killer, plain and simple.

Crowley and His Mother

Rowena the witch (and mother to the King of Hell) has been locked up in the dungeon for weeks since Crowley first laid eyes on her. He eventually sees her and she tries to convince him that she wants them to be a family again, even though she doesn’t know who his dad is because she got pregnant at a winter solstice orgy.

Rowena makes up a lie about how Crowley’s second-in-command is helping souls escape from Hell, causing Crowley to kill him and accept his mom’s offer to team up. Oh Crowley, you dumb, easily manipulated  mama’s boy.

Next year on Supernatural: The show returns January 20 and it brings back Metatron, who is overjoyed to learn that Dean went nuclear.

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