Most Bones aficionados can identify any episode based upon a single screen grab. But do most fans know the franchise stats in their entirety? Well, not all the details are important, but some certainly are. Since FOX Spec Ops and a Squint Squad of 11+ mega Boneheads captured over 20,100 pieces of data about Bones’ first decade for the Bones: 200 Episodes to Die For Infographic there’s really no reason the diehard fans shouldn’t ‘bone up’ on the 29 most interesting facts we uncovered while examining the Bones’ universe. Pay close attention, there might be a quiz later.

#29 376 Victims

Over the course of 200 episodes, Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian team have solved the mysterious deaths of twice as many men as women.

#28 226 Killers

From Howard Epps and Pam Noonan to Christopher Pelant and Charles Dunwood, Bones taught us that killers come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in both sexes, though women only account for about a third of the killers on Bones.

#27 200 Episodes

With seasons ranging from 13 to 26 episodes, Bones has been going strong every year since its debut in 2005, when Booth first convinced Homeland security to detain Brennan at the airport so he could convince her to work on a case with him.

#26 Too Many Different Murder Weapons to Count

Bones killers have used everything from Quarter-Sawn Cumaru furniture to a trained fighting dog, the locking mechanism of a car trunk to a bar of gold, a bullet made out of blood to their bare hands. Over 200 episodes, Bones has rarely repeated the mode of death for its victims.

#25 172 Episodes Closed With a Brennan and Booth Scene

Brennan and Booth were alone together in the final scene of an episode 2 ½ times more then they were together during the opening scene, which frequently features either a murder or the discovery of a corpse.

#24 125 Confessions

Sometimes a killer knows when they’ve been beat so they come clean, other times the evidence has to do the talking for them. In 200 Bones episodes, over half of the culprits fess up by the time Brennan and Booth are finished with them.

#23 120 Shared B&B Car Rides

For every time Booth drives somewhere alone, he rides with Brennan five times. For her part, Brennan rides alone only once for every four times Booth does.

#22 107 Scenes at the Royal Diner

Brennan, Booth and their entourage spend a fair amount of time conversing over coffee, French fries, salads, burgers and pie at the Royal Diner. Coincidentally, there are almost three times as many diner scenes as there are Founding Fathers scenes.

#21 86 Entertaining and Educational Experiments

Hodgins and whatever squint he can get to participate with him have performed over 86 wild experiments. From shooting bullets into a melon to baking turkeys to scaring snakes to tossing a frozen pig into a wood chopper, Hodgins rarely performs an experiment that doesn’t provide useful information. Jack Hodgins is, without a doubt, the King of the Lab. By the way, in the history of Bones there have only been 25 mentions of the “King of the Lab.”

#20 83 Shared Scenes on Each Other’s Turf

Brennan has been in the interrogation room either alone or with Booth the exact same number of times Booth has been in the lab. How about that?

#19 78 Blood-Curdling Screams

Not all of them have been blood curdling, but every good murder should include a good scream or two. As Bones episodes go, there’s a fair amount of screaming. The 200th episode, “The 200th in the 10th,” features a fantastic blood-curdling scream by one of the most beloved main characters.

#18 76 BFF Chats Between Angela and Brennan

One of the most endearing qualities of a solid Bones episode is the appearance of a good old chat between best friends. Many times it’s just Angela explaining Brennan’s feelings to her, or Brennan trying to describe an unidentifiable physiological reaction she’s having. Other times it’s the two of them commiserating over the simplicity of the male species. Regardless, these chats are a charming staple of the Bones universe.

#17 42 Uncomfortable Discussions About Sex

Brennan is comfortable in her sexuality, considering sex is a natural part of the human imperative. Booth is a skittish conservative and would rather things remain private or not discussed at all. The discussions these two have either alone or in front of strangers are nothing short of hilarious.

#16 39 Bedroom Scenes

Okay, some of these are actually staged in the Egyptian exhibit of The Jeffersonian, but you know what we mean when we say “bedroom scenes.” Though this kind of scene has only been portrayed by Brennan and Booth a handful of times, it seems everyone else at the Jeffersonian hops in and out of bed rather frequently.

#15 41 “I love you”s Between Brennan and Booth

They are fairly equally divided between the two. Remember when we used to yearn for these two to confess their love? It still makes a true Bonehead happy to hear those three words between our favorite crime-fighting duo.

#14 35 Episodes That Feature a Kiss Between Brennan and Booth

The total number of kisses between these two was so much easier to keep track of during the first six seasons. There were only about five that entire time, but since the dynamic duo have become a real couple, there has been plenty of kissing, albeit modestly portrayed.

#13 33 Hodgela Kisses

Speaking of kisses, would it surprise you to learn that Angela and Hodgins have actually been seen on-screen kissing less frequently than Brennan and Booth have? How is that even possible? Who would like to make it their mission to watch all the B&B kissing episodes and count every lip lock? Let me know and I can get you a list of the episodes.

#12 31 Shirtless Scenes

Remember Clark getting out of the shower at the Jeffersonian? And Hodgins? Remember Arastoo in bed with Cam? Remember the washing machine kisses? Remember when Brennan had to disrobe Booth because he was covered in evidence from the exploded Santa? All of these count, as do the 26 other shirtless scenes. Again, any volunteers to go count (and take pictures of) every single one of those scenes?

#11 28 Dances

“Sometimes you just have to dance to the music you’re given.” Remember that wonderful Booth-y quote from “Big in the Philippines?” Don’t forget B&B on the stage jamming to “Hot Blooded,” or dancing in the kitchen to their mixed tape. One of my favorites is Brennan and Sweets dancing because of Sweets getting over breaking up with Daisy. This dancing metric includes each instance of dancing no matter who is doing it.

#10 26 Appearances by Baby Christine

Even though she’s three years old at this point in Bones time, Christine Booth has only appeared 26 times. Frankly, I was surprised it was this many. And happy to hear it. It’s worth noting that Christine has appeared 2.5 times as many times as Michael Vincent.

#9 23 Serial Killer Episodes

Howard Epps, the Gravedigger, the Ghost Killer, the Gormogon, Jacob Broadsky and Christopher Pelant. The capturing of all these serial killers spanned several episodes. Can you name which of the above is the only serial killer still living?

#8 23 Saved Lives

Brennan and Booth have saved each other’s lives more times than we can count, but this is as many times as we could come up with. These two don’t just say they would lay down their lives for each other, they actually do it. And when one lays down their life, the other saves it.

#7 16 Squinterns and Lab Assistants

Can you name them all? We’ll do it for you: Zack Addy, Dr. Clark Edison, Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray, Ms. Daisy Wick, Mr. Scott Starret, Mr. Colin Fisher, Mr. Wendell Bray, Mr. Arastoo Vaziri, Professor Bunsen Jude The Science Dude, Dr. Douglas Filmore, Mr. Finn Abernathy, Dr. Barry Summers, Dr. Oliver Wells, Dr. Ivan Jacobs, Rodolfo Fuentes and Jessica Warren.

#6 12 Appearances by Parker Booth

The vanishing boy has only appeared in 12 episodes over the course of 10 years. Apparently, we are going to see more of him later in season 10. Let’s hope so!

#5 10 Seasons

In the fall of 2014, Bones joined the ranks of the few crime procedurals that have lasted more than nine seasons. Congratulations, Bones!

#4 7 Undercover Episodes

Can you name them all? Here’s a hint: Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, Bobby Kent, Tony and Roxie.

#3 Lots of Bones-y Things Come in Threes

Three weddings, three on-screen births, three appearances by Avalon Harmonia, by Aldo Clemens and by Pops (though one of these guest stars appears in “The 200th in the 10th”) and three deaths of beloved characters.

#2 Other Bones-y Magic Comes in Twos

Two partners, two Mighty Huts, two marriage proposals and two children.

#1 One fantastically Successful Show: Bones

There may be other characters named Bones out there in the world of make-believe, but there is only one show with this much love, loyalty, laughter, heart and soul. And that’s our Bones!

Catherine Cabanela

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