Now that the biggest and best kept secret in Bones history has been revealed, it’s time to discuss “The Lance to the Heart,” Bones’ follow-up to the season 10 premiere which I keep mistakenly referring to (in my head) as ‘The Finale’ because of how devastating it was. So, here are some teasers to tantalize and torture you from now until 8pm on Thursday when the episode debuts on your very own small screen. 

Just in case you’ve expunged the memory from your addled brain: recall that in the last 140 seconds of last week’s Bones premiere, “The Conspiracy in the Corpse,” the world split in two when Dr. Sweets shockingly yet valiantly bled-out from injuries he sustained while fighting off a trained assassin working for the FBI conspiracy turds. Right there, staring into Booth’s eyes, Sweets uttered his final words, “The world’s a lot better than you think it is …” and we all sat in stunned silence while the truth worked its way into our brains. Then we collapsed into a fit of super ugly crying for which we probably could have used a sedative … or was that just me? Anyway, let’s talk about “The Lance to the Heart.”

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Sweets’ Killer

Booth always gets his man, and that never changes. However, once the assailant is apprehended and shows no sign of giving up his employer no matter what Booth does or says, Brennan has a go at him. The man has no chance against the likes of Brennan when she’s pissed. Yes, we get more kick-ass Brennan in this Bones installment.

No One Is as They Seem

Don’t assume anything, people. Appearances can be deceiving. Remember Keyser Soze? Look it up. While you’re at it, look up ‘eukaryotic phototrophs’ and you’ll be one step ahead of the game when the truth begins to emerge. I’ve already said too much. 

Hodgins and Angela Work Together

Through DNA mapping, Hodgins and Angela together work their way through the process of uncovering the secrets of the conspiracy. They have some powerful scenes together where they trade all kinds of scientific mumbo jumbo. They are basically on fire, and thank goodness for that.

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Aubrey Reminds You of Someone You Used to Know

In “The Lance to the Heart,” we learn more about Special Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd) and I think you’re going to find he grows on you. In this episode we learn he has some things in common with Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray, with Sweets, and even with Angela from an earlier stage in her life. See if you can pick these similarities out as you watch episode 10.2.

Dr. Lance Sweets Revealed

Not four minutes into the episode and we learn quite a bit about the psychologist that we never knew before and it’s highly enlightening. We also see Sweets in a way no one’s ever seen him before. This is a Bones franchise first, by the way, so watch closely. 

Booth Channels His Inner Psychic

Booth will do anything, go to any lengths, to bring these self-absorbed, money-laundering, blackmailing, murdering, bastards to justice. Even if it means channeling his inner psychic, a trick he learned back in season five. As a result, Booth acquires evidence that proves key to the case and topples the conspiracy turd’s house of cards. 

Daisy Reveals Something Unexpected about Their Baby

Late in the game we learn that Sweets had left behind a note. In that note he makes a reference that compels Daisy to reveal something quite unexpected about their baby. This scene reminded me of when, in “Aliens in a Spaceship”, Angela is able to interpret the messages left behind by Hodgins. It’s very sweet.

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Two Major Soliloquies Change the Course of the Show

There are two big speeches in “The Lance to the Heart.” The first is early on and changes the course of the entire investigation. The second is a speech at the end during which the speaker waxes, philosophical, spiritual, and psychological. It is a beautiful thing. 

Put the Lime in the Coconut

Sweets’ musicality is brought to mind twice. Both times it is endearing, but the occurrences are vastly different in their presentation and their audience. It feels right and good. 

There you have it, folks. Was I vague enough to get you thinking, but specific enough that some of you will think you know all the answers? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below, and come back frequently this week as we’ll be posting slide shows and articles to commemorate the life of Dr. Lance Sweets.

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