The CW has a very exciting lineup of new shows for the fall, including Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV in Ringer and the witchy drama The Secret Circle from the people who brought us The Vampire Diaries. We’ve seen clips and pieces of the two, but now the CW has released full trailers to provide all the backstory needed to understand what these shows are.

The result is two new shows I can’t wait to see. The Secret Circle looks like a perfect new series for Vampire Diaries fans to get sucked into while Ringer is a moody, complex thriller.

The Secret Circle

I love that the show is delving right into the deep mythology of the story, especially after The Vampire Diaries slowly trotted it out over the first half of season 1. Most impressively, the show may finally break the CW curse of not knowing what to do with the adults, as Gale Harold’s character looks positively evil and manipulative. If I have one complaint with The Vampire Diaries, it’s the lack of involvement from the adults like Sheriff Forbes, who is an important figure but who’s remained on the periphery. The Secret Circle, however, seems to focus on that side of the story. Plus, no CW show ever went wrong with a gratuitous shirtless neighbor.


The premise of Ringer, where a troubled woman assumes the life of her missing twin sister, seemed a little hard to understand, but this trailer successfully paints a picture of how it’s done and what it means. I’ll admit that parts of it like her seemingly perfect but secretly strained relationship with her husband is reminiscent of the movie Dave, but as a tense thriller, I’m excited to see where it goes and how quickly it unfolds. Based on the trailer, it sounds like the missing sister, Siobhan, won’t be missing for very long, so if the show decides not to drag out the twin rivalry, things could get very heated very fast.

Based on these trailers, I’m now even more excited for both shows to hit the air, and I think the CW could have two new obsessions to rival The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Ringer will air Tuesdays at 9pm while The Secret Circle will air Thursdays at 9pm, both starting this fall.

(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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