Every year brings plenty of new characters to television, but there are only a select few who fans instantly fall in love with. From a new President to the Devil, from superheroes to gay warlocks, 2016 offered something for everyone.

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Here’s a look at 10 of the best new characters who we fell in love with this year.

Curtis Holt, Arrow

characters-curtis.jpgHe was introduced in 2015, but this year he discovered Oliver’s secret, joined Team Arrow and even got recruited as a vigilante named Mr. Terrific. It’s great for Felicity to have another tech nerd around to help her out and Curtis’ positive attitude about everything is a refreshing addition to the moody and brooding show.

President Tom Kirkman, Designated Survivor

characters-presidenttom.jpgNow more than ever, we need an accidental President we can all support. Enter Kiefer Sutherland‘s HUD Secretary who steps into the office after a deadly terrorist attack. He’s thoughtful and cares more about policy and helping America than seeking out power for power’s sake.

Lyanna Mormont, Game of Thrones

characters-lyanna.jpgThis is how you make a splash. The girl with the same name as Jon Snow’s biological mother first offered her services to Sansa Stark to help fight the Boltons and then she delivered a rousing speech to rally everyone behind Jon as their true leader. She might be young, but I’d follow her into battle any day.

Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer

characters-lucifer.jpgSure he’s the Prince of Darkness, but he’s so damn charismatic that we’ll forgive him. Whether he’s seducing women or hanging out with “Detective Douche,” this FOX procedural drama has turned the Devil into a compelling, interesting character viewers can actually root for. It’s weird, but it works.

Clayton Reeves, NCIS

character-ncisclayton.jpgThis MI6 officer first crossed paths with the team at the end of season 13 and joined the cast permanently in season 14. He’s fun and charming, effortlessly fitting in with the gang, and his sophisticated British accent adds a touch of class to the show that is greatly appreciated.

Ginny Baker, Pitch

characters-ginny.jpgThe country may not have its first female president, but at least on TV we have our first female Major League Baseball player. Ginny is an inspiring character who also has a lot of emotional baggage as she struggles with being the first. Breaking barriers is never easy, but she’s definitely someone we can cheer for.

Magnus Bane, Shadowhunters

characters-magnus.jpgPerfectly campy and over-the-top, Harry Shum, Jr.’s bisexual warlock on this Freeform drama is a fantastic blend of magic, comedy and drama. He’s incredibly powerful and surprisingly helpful, plus his relationship with Alec Lightwood (aka Malec) is the kind of thing ‘shippers dreams are made of.

Mary Winchester, Supernatural

characters-maryspn.jpgMary has been a part of Supernatural since the beginning, but this year she was brought back from the dead. Reuniting with her now-adult sons has been hard, but she’s tough, strong, sweet and a welcome addition to the family.

Jack Pearson, This Is Us

character-jackpearson.JPGIt’s hard to pick just one member of the Pearson family as our favorite, but it would have to be the patriarch, the loving, supportive, somewhat troubled Jack who is willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to support his wife and his children. He’s sensitive, manly and has a perfect dad ‘stache. It’s just a shame he’s not still alive in the present.

Maeve Millay, Westworld

character-maevewest.jpgOne of the artificial hosts in the theme park, Maeve is more than just the madam of the brothel. She’s also self-aware and her journey of discovery as she figures out the system and strives to escape her loop made her the most compelling part of this HBO’s first season.

Which new TV character from 2016 was your favorite?

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