So many times we find ourselves watching a show with a questionable character we just aren’t quite sure if we should love or hate. They might be a killer with a heart of gold, or a survivor with questionable judgement. Here are seven shows that left us confused about who to root for.

Benjamin Linus, Lost

Benjamin Linus was known on Lost as a character who was only concerned with his own well-being. Ben would kill or double-cross anyone who got in his way, but for some reason he was fascinating to have around. One minute he was shooting John Locke and the next he was pushing Hurley out of the way of a falling tree. From his quick wit, to his surprising offer to occasionally help, he always left us wondering what he’d do next. In the end, Ben was as much part of our group as anyone and we cheered at his victories and cringed at his schemes. 

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Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Damon has always been the “bad boy” of the two Salvatore brothers. He is introduced to the show as Stefan’s murderous older brother who only cares about himself, but as the show has gone on, it’s become clear that maybe there is more to Damon that meets the eye. He eventually falls in love with Elena and helps the gang defeat everything from original vampires to werewolves. He still has his evil ways, but we can’t help but love him, faults and all. 

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead

Carol has been a part of Rick’s group since the very beginning. She’s put up with the zombie apocalypse, an abusive husband and watching her daughter turn in to a zombie, and she has only become stronger because of it. Carol tends to do whatever she feels is best, even if it means killing innocent people from her own group. She has become a hardened survivor and a total badass. We are constantly rooting for Carol, but also tend to question her judgment.

Jamie Lannister, Game Of Thrones

Jamie Lannister is a prince who is spoiled, rich and in love with his sister. Yeah, pretty disgusting. You would think that there was no redemption for this character, but after he got captured by the Starks and befriended Brienne, we begin to see a more humble side to him. While we may be warming up to Jamie, he is still a Lannister and that is very dangerous indeed. 

Dexter Morgan, Dexter

Dexter is a pretty obvious choice seeing as how the whole premise of the show was to have us empathize with a serial killer. Dexter murders people, but they are bad people, so does that make him good guy? Anyone who watched this show probably grappled with that question. Dexter is a polarizing killer who you can’t help but root for in the end. 

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Crowley, Supernatural

Crowley may be the king of hell on Supernatural, but he does have a redeeming side that we get to see now and again. When we first meet Crowley he is trying his best to kill the Winchester brothers, but as seasons have gone on he has become more of an ally. From helping the boys track down Lucifer, to closing the gates of Purgatory, his willingness to help constantly surprises us. Crowley still has his own motives and will occasionally double cross the boys if it suits him, but we cant help but love this British devil and hope that he sticks around. 

Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow

Merlyn is the man who tried to kill a whole section of Star City just to help the city become a better place, but he is also Thea’s father who would do just about anything to save her. One episode he will team up with Team Arrow to kill Ra’s al Ghul and the next he has taken Ra’s place and is evoking war. We never really know which side he is on at any given time, but as viewers we are constantly rooting for him to do the right thing. 

Did we miss your favorite? Tell us who you root for in the comments below.

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