What a year this has been in the Bones universe. Booth started out in jail, Sweets was murdered, Daisy gave birth to baby Seeley, Arastoo returned to Iran and was kidnapped and forced to solve a murder, Booth started gambling again and Brennan kicked him out. And those are just some of the highlights. And here we are at the finale.

“The End in the End” isn’t as dire as the title makes it sound. Bones has already been approved for an 11th season, so we know the dynamic duo will be back solving crimes with their compadres at the Jeffersonian and the Hoover. Well, we think. So, what is that ominous title all about, and what can you expect to see in this final hour of Bones-y entertainment? Per usual, we’ve got some cryptic teases for you, but you’ll have to put your grey matter to work to figure them out.

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#9 Did Any One Confirm That Pelant Is Really Dead?

We learn something completely new about Pelant’s corpse. Did you ever wonder if he really died? I mean, Brennan and Booth just left his body in that abandoned factory. Or did they?

#8 What Hitchcock-style Easter Eggs Gives a Nod to a Bones Writer?

“The End in the End” has a rather obvious nod to one of their guest writers who has penned at least six Bones episodes over the years, one having made our list of the top ten most extraordinary cases. This illustrious writer has ties to Big Bird and Homer Simpson, though these are not his/her most famous colleagues. Angela pokes fun at this writer’s creations during the finale. It’s pretty great. 

#7 Has Bones Run Out of New Ways to Find Corpses Displayed?

That’s a definite no. The crime scene of this murder is pretty amazing. The intriguing aspects of this corpse and its environs are not in their grossness (though they are disgusting as hell), but in how cleverly and shockingly they are manipulated. Looking back at the entire episode, I still can’t figure out how the killer managed this one. 

#6 Does Hodgins Get to Perform a Final Awesome Experiment?

Absolutely. Rather, the experiment isn’t super awesome, but the enormous and super awesome equipment he gets to use is cool, cool, cool and sends Angela over the edge about something key. This reminded me of Jack’s ancient pair of enigmas they used while tracking Pelant. It’s quite impressive … and thank goodness Hodgins doesn’t blow the place up!

#5 Has Brennan Let Booth Move Back Home?

I was surprised by what has developed in regard to Booth and Brennan’s living arrangements. I mean, really surprised. Nonplussed, actually. I think we will be talking about it for weeks to come. The Bones crew has some ‘splaining to do. 

#4 What Bones Mysteries Get Solved in the Finale?

As promised, in “The Life in the Light” Angela’s real name was revealed to be Pookie Noodlin. That’s a secret that’s been held close to the chest for a decade. Another mystery is solved in the finale with startling results. Remember, Pelant is involved in this case and the buzz about this mystery has been talked to death. If you voted in our Bones Mystery Poll, then we already know which mystery you most want solved … but will you be thrilled or disappointed? Yes, I am sure you will. 

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#3 Are Angela and Hodgins Really Moving to Paris?

This question does get answered, but I can’t guarantee you will be happy about it. It will depend on how big of a fan you are of the Jeffersonian’s most perfect couple. There’s still a lot yet to be decided, and it’s never over till it’s over, but I’ve finally made my peace with their decisions. I keep asking myself if I could leave behind the things they choose to. This will be an interesting topic of discussion among Boneheads, I guarantee. 

#2 Has Booth Completely Quit Gambling?

There’s an ominous scene where Booth goes missing for hours without contacting Brennan. It may have seemed that we were finished with the gambling storyline, but there’s some sneaky stomach-churning stuff that infers that Booth may not be 100% sober yet. 

#1 Are Brennan and Booth Together at the End of the Episode?

Yes, this question is answered, though it’s unclear how “together” they really are. I may be reading too much into things, but it looks to me like one partner may not be on board with the other’s decision as much as the first partner would probably like. Confusing? You’ll see what I mean when you watch.

That’s all folks. Now, sit back and enjoy the finale. Then plan what you are going to re-watch during the hiatus. See you all in September!

Bones airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX. 

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