The Fosters returns tonight for its third season hopefully to shed light on some of the burning questions the sophomore season left us with. What’s going to happen to Jude and Connor’s relationship? Will there be trouble in paradise for Stef and Lena? And more importantly who will survive the car crash? But before we get some answers, let’s look back at what has happened so far on the ABC Family drama. Here’s what you need to know:

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Lena and Stef

Tension in Lena and Stef’s relationship already started to simmer last season as they took different sides on several issues including welcoming Ana’s baby as a new member of their family. Stef thinks they could make it work while Lena thinks they could not handle the additional responsibility. This pushed Lena to confide into her co-worker Monte, who ended up kissing her.

Connor and Jude

Connor and Jude’s budding romance reached new heights as they kissed for the first time last season. Jude told Lena about his true relationship with Connor while Connor came out of the close to his dad. The two finally decided to explore their romantic feelings and make a go at a relationship.


Brandon struggled with his guilt over sleeping with Dani, as well as his decision of whether to get surgery that could either restore or destroy his dream of playing piano. He later got a new love interest in the form of Lou and then took a detour with his former band as he got an offer to become a classical musician.

Jesus, Callie and Mariana

Robert finally gave up his legal parental rights to Callie, allowing her to be adopted by Lena and Stef. Mariana joined S.T.E.M. and used math and science to defeat Hayley and win the dance competition. Jesus, on the other hand, mostly struggled with relationship issues.  He, Ana and Mariana were last scene in a car accident which left their fates unknown.

Check out the video below to get caught up on all of the drama from last season: 

What to Expect in Season 3? 

  • Stef will be obsessed with finding out the driver who caused the terrible crash involving Mariana, Jesus and Ana.
  • Season 3 picks up a few weeks after the car crash.
  • Callie will also continue her work at the drop-in center and will meet a foster teen named AJ who is looking for his older brother.
  • AJ’s brother Ty will be introduced later in the season when he comes looking for his little brother. 
  • While Connor and Jude are officially a couple, Jude  wants to keep their relationship private at school.
  • Brandon will be off to Idyllwild where he will meet a piano prodigy named Kat.
  • As Lena attempts to put her kiss with Monte behind her, Stef tries to set Monte up with one of her friends. 

The Fosters returns on Monday, June 8 at 8/7c on ABC Family. 

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