It’s three weeks after the events of the season 2 finale and life seems to be back to normal on The Fosters with the exception of Stef. She’s been having bad dreams of the accident; scenes of Jesus bloody on a stretcher and shoeless. We also see Ana being carried away while a voiceless Mariana is hysterical. Stef is reliving these moments over and over again when she closes her eyes.

It’s all so surreal, but luckily, after a long wait to find out about the fate of those four, we learn that all of them survived in the opening of the season 3 premiere, “Wreckage.” Yes, the supposed fatality of one was a misunderstanding of epic proportions that had fans nervous that their favorite character might have died.

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Jesus made it through the accident and is off at college, fighting with an irritated Mariana over the phone about headphones he took with him. We also learn that Ana kept the baby and named her Isabella!

Mariana has been hanging out to help Ana, who has been wearing a brace since the accident. Her new focus on the baby and Ana isn’t just straining her relationship with her boyfriend; it’s also straining her relationship with Ana, who needs to have some bonding time alone with her new baby.

Mariana’s tips on how to hold the baby’s head up higher during nursing is the last straw. Ana suggest she spend some time with her boyfriend before he goes on tour. And just like that, Mariana switches gears, with her new mission being to lose her virginity to Mat before he goes on tour.

When he rejects her and leaves on tour, she sleeps with someone else in the lifeguard shack at the beach after drinking beer. Is Mariana headed down a path of self-destruction this season? It looks like it.

Jude isn’t Gay

Jude isn’t ready to share his relationship with Connor yet, and when he is confronted at the beach party, he announces that he isn’t gay. It’s difficult to sympathize at first with Jude, who fought all last season to have a relationship with Connor, and now that Connor seems in a comfortable place with his sexuality, Jude appears not to be for most of the episode. 

It isn’t until the close of the premiere that Jude explains he wants to be Connor’s boyfriend. His frustration with the situation only has to do with the way in which he is labeled. We see the two holding hands and happy together in one of the best scenes of the night.

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Callie’s Lapse in Judgement

After being harassed on the street by a teen looking for change, Callie comes face to face with him at the center. His name is AJ and he’s been in the system for a while. Callie decides to befriend him and offers him help. When he admits that he has no place to stay after running away from his foster home, Callie lets him in to sleep at the center.  

When she and Rafael arrive the next morning, AJ is missing, along with equipment from the center. Callie is fired on the spot. Let’s hope this isn’t the end to AJ and Callie’s job at the center.

Brandon’s Musical Hurdle

Brandon discovers that he was accepted into the music program as a composer, not as a pianist. After talking with a cute blonde by the name of Cat, Brandon decides that it can’t all be bad, until she humiliates him in class by announcing that he isn’t her equal. Do you sense a love/hate relationship with these two? Brandon doesn’t give up, telling her he doesn’t scare easily. Seeing Cat’s face drop is great!

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Lena and the Aftermath of the Kiss

It’s been weeks and Lena is still struggling with the kiss. Does she have feelings for her co-worker or just trouble with Stef? When Stef finally breaks down over the accident, she and Lena have a much-needed talk. The two seem back to normal and even discuss going away together. They could use the time, but like everything else on The Fosters, the next dilemma comes crashing through the ceiling. Can someone call the plumber?

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