Pretty Little Liars’  third season came to a dramatic conclusion, and left us with more questions than answers. The episode opened up many cans of worms (Ali is alive?) and made things even more mysterious (can we really trust Toby?) than ever before. I’m still pondering some of the many mysteries surrounding Ali, Toby, Jenna, and the ‘B’ Team.  

One of the mysteries leaving audiences on the edge of their seats revolves around Wilden’s waterlogged police cruiser, its mysteriously durable laptop, and a little something shocking in the trunk. Considering all the other questions from the episode, this one makes my brain hurt the least and doesn’t feel like I need to draw a flow chart to answer. 

In an interview with Zap2it, producer Oliver Goldstick more or less confirmed the mysterious shocker in the trunk wasn’t a what… but a who. So which unlucky Rosewood resident got Rosie Larsen’d in the trunk? (I promise that will be my only reference to The Killing.) We’ll find out in the opening moments of season four premiering June 11. 

If, like me, you just can’t wait that long to wildly speculate, here are some of my top contenders:

Who’s In The Trunk? Playing the Odds on 8 Characters 


We last saw Jason on his own personal Tower of Terror ride to the bottom of an elevator shaft. While Emily was very nearly chopped in half, Jason ended up in the hospital. Then Jason mysteriously disappeared from the hospital. Considering the average lifespan of an NAT member these days, it’s not looking all that great for Jason’s chances of survival. If it is Jason, wouldn’t it be great if they switched back to the old actor just to mess with us though?

Trunk Odds: High


When last we saw CeCe, she was getting out of dodge after her hasty confession to Emily about Alison’s pregnancy scare led her right to Detective Wilden’s front door. CeCe seemed pretty scared when she was packing her bags, and with good reason. Plus, remember how desperate Wilden was to get his car back when he met up with Hanna? Did CeCe end up in Wilden’s truck for whistle blowing on his affair with Ali?

Trunk Odds: High


It’s been what feels like a long time since we’ve seen Emily’s sweetheart Paige. And with Paige’s ex Shana on the ‘B’ team, perhaps she was in the wrong place at the wrong time? We all know Emily has a pretty terrible track record when it comes to her girlfriends’ survival. But three girls she likes dead seems like just a little too much, even for this show.

Trunk Odds: Low

Ashley Marin

Perhaps Wilden decided to get some frontier justice for Ashley bulldozing him over with her car? In that same interview with producer Oliver Goldstick, he hinted Hanna was in for a rough time of it in season 4. “‘A’ treats her like a lobster — it’s chill, kill and grill,” Goldstick told Zap2it. And what’s worse than losing her primary parent? 

Trunk Odds: Moderate

Dr. Sullivan

We know Dr. Sullivan, the only therapist in all of Pennsylvania, has ended up in A’s cross hairs before. Maybe she finally got on the wrong side of ‘A’ once and for all? Still, she’s a pretty minor character to hang such a big cliffhanger on. 

Trunk Odds: Low


Wren seems to have a bat signal for when underage girls are going through a crisis, but with Melissa even more involved in the A/B Team action, did he end up as collateral damage?

Trunk Odds: Low


Whether jail-breaking from her grave like a fabulous zombie or pulling the girls out of a raging fire like the strongest 100 pound ghost around, Ali has certainly been getting around for a dead girl. Maybe she decided to add one more appearance to her already packed schedule. 

Trunk Odds: Moderate


“Wait, who is Mike?” I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Remember Aria’s brother? No? Don’t worry, the show doesn’t either. This is my favorite theory, because Aria’s brother Mike has been MIA for what feels like forever. It would be a savvy move for the show to shove him into the trunk. It’s dramatic and as a bonus they get rid of a problematic character. With his klepto past, perhaps he stole those videos the ‘B’ Team is so desperately chasing and paid the ultimate price?

Trunk Odds: Moderate 

What do you think? Who do you think ended up in the trunk of Wilden’s car? Share your theories in the comments!

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Morgan Glennon

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