This week on The Finder, Isabella turns to Walter when one of her classmates loses her father –and her inheritance — to what she believes is murder.

A Betting Man

The victim is a regular at the race track, putting his money on horses — and apparently had a system to predict a winning horse. Is that what got him killed? At the track, Walter makes a connection with one of the horses — he’s talking and whispering to the horse! At first I thought, really? Walter has a gift but “hearing” this from a horse? He even does this horse call and actually gets a horse to come to him. I don’t know, I’ve stopped trying to make sense of his unique abilities! But really, he’s actually sensing the horse’s fear of three men, including one who is a trainer.


With help from Timo, who’s familiar around the race tracks, Walter, Leo and Timo break into the grounds — until Walter reaches into a drawer and gets stabbed by a syringe! And he gets paralyzed. It’s cobra venom, which acts as a painkiller and also increases stamina — code for steroids.

One horse that the man was putting his money on had knee problems. How could an injured horse win? With a little help.

Meanwhile, Isabella digs up dirt on the three men — who throughout the episode keep being referred to as “the jockey, the fat one and the short one.” Their shady past includes smuggling exotic animals, a jockey who’s never rode a winner and a breeder who worked for a company that went bankrupt.

The three shady men’s horse is the one that’s been getting doped up, and it’s also been winning as of late.

Snake on the Loose

Isabella and Walter next pay a visit to the “fat man,” whose office is full of reptiles. But he’s already inside, having been bitten by one of the snakes! He thinks he must not have closed the cage properly or something, but Walter realizes the snake was placed out due to the fact that the snake is naturally attracted to warm spots, and wasn’t near a warm spot when found.

The snake was about to bite Walter but Isabella takes out the head with her gun. Gross.

Does the System Work?

Walter and Willa use the victim’s method of figuring out which horse is going to win by using mice … and it works? So Timo (with Willa) and Walter (with Isabella) use the formula to put money on the latest race. And it works again!

Walter realizes the victim had figured out the horses were being injected with the venom and was ready to spill the beans. And the fat man? Was going to side with the fat man.

Finding the Winning Ticket

So what exactly is Walter looking for? The betting slip. The victim was going to tell his daughter where he did it before he was killed. Before anything more happens though, the three men pay a visit to Walter and the daughter. They want the betting slip and confess to killing the dad. They’re easily taken care of thanks to Leo being able to overtake the “short man.”

Walter then figures out the betting slip is in the one place where the man spent a lot of his time — his chair at the track, the same place where he sat for years. And the betting slip is worth $255,000.

Riding Off

With the money that Walter won on his own bet, he buys a horse, much to the delight of Isabella, who had ridden horses since she was a little girl. And together, they ride off … not quite into the sunset.

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