Blindspot is back for Season 3! After taking down Sandstorm, the team moved on with their lives. The premiere picks up with the two-year time jump from last season’s finale when Weller found Jane with new, mysterious bio-luminescent tattoos to solve. 

The FBI team has split up with Jane (Jaimie Alexander) missing, Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) on the hunt for her, Reade (Rob Brown) heading an FBI team, Zapata (Audrey Esparza) at the CIA, and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) in Silicon Valley. They’re brought back together again through forces outside their control. Meanwhile, Roman (Luke Mitchell) has plans of his own that will forever change their lives.

The team has secrets. Lots of secrets and these facts will drive their behavior.

BuddyTV spoke with Executive Producer Martin Gero and the cast at the Blindspot premiere party in New York. Read on for some teases about the premiere and check back over the next few weeks for more from the cast on Blindspot Season 3. 

First 3 Minutes is Smiles Galore

When you flip channels to catch the Blindspot Season 3 premiere, you may wonder if you are watching the right show. The first three minutes of the episode are unlike any you’ve seen on the series before. It feels almost like an alternate reality for these characters, except in this case it’s really what happened.

It was different for the cast as well. “I don’t think I’ve ever smiled that much on the show. The first three minutes is like two seasons worth,” Alexander said.

“All of us were having a weird time with it. It’s so different than what we’re used to.,” Alexander said. “We had a really good time with it and it was shot in the most beautiful location upstate [New York] and we had a great time.”

It’s a touching and fun reminder of the care the characters had for each other two years ago. “We wanted to start with pure love,” Gero said.

More Fun 

With the move to Friday nights, the series will be lighter in tone. “We wanted the show to be more fun. I love Blindspot obviously, but it can get a little heavy. I think the move to Friday night and the fact that we live in this world, people are looking for a bit of escape now,” Gero said.

“Our cast is so fun and charming and to introduce that into the world and still have life and death situations, and still real serious,” Gero continued. “We want to start your weekend right and be this big, escapist show and take you around the world this year and have a lot of fun.”

Why Did Jane Leave?

The answer won’t be spoiled here, but you’ll find out early in the premiere. Alexander teases it’s for a good reason though, ‘I don’t think she’d ever leave Weller or her friends if the situation weren’t heavy enough.” 

Weller’s Vulnerability

With Jane gone, Weller has spent the last two years trying to find her, “He’s looking for her. He’s a bit lost. She left him,” Stapleton said. 

“It’s quite a nice thing to see his vulnerability. You don’t see him fighting, shooting guns, and killing people. He’s chasing this woman he loves. It’s nice to see that personal side of Weller. He’s unsure of why she left. He hopes it’s to save a life, but it could have been because ‘I don’t want to be married anymore.'”

Roman Wants Vengeance

Roman has a plan and it won’t be pleasant for Jane or her friends, “[Roman’s in] a vengeful state of mind. He’s ready to have his day. He’s got a very specific goal in mind,” Mitchell said. “You won’t know exactly what that goal is– the ultimate goal. In the meantime, he’s going to make his sister’s life a living hell, basically because he’s gone through hell.”

Rich Dot Com 

Ennis Esmer returns as the charming and funny Rich Dot Com for 10 episodes this season. He’s cleaned up his act, will be seen in a new role and has a big secret that involves a member of the Blindspot’s FBI team.

Blindspot premieres Friday, October 27 at 8/7c on NBC.

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